Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Workbench Progress - Nurgle Plague Bearers

Greetings all, so last Friday I went a bit off menu and decided that I would paint some Plague Bearers for a four player 40K game I was hosting so I could try out summoning.  I had heard that the new plastic Daemons were a joy to work with and that really nice results can be achieved with relatively little effort.

I spent 6 hours on these guy guys if I include the time spent building them, here is a list of the paints I used.

Base Colours
Game Air - Leather Brown (undercoat)
Game Air - Dead Flesh (basecoat)
Game Air - Bonewhite (highlight flesh)
Leadbelcher (swords)
Mephiston Red (eyes)
Zandri Dust (teeth and exposed bones)

Athonian Camoshade (flesh)
Seraphim Sepia (horns, teeth and Claws)
Carroburg Crimson (guts and wounds)

Krieg Khaki (boils)
Averland Sunset (dot in eye)
Ushabti Bone (teeth exposed bones)
Terminatus Stone (base texture)

Typhus Corrosion (sword)
Nurgle's Rot (wounds)
Blood for the Blood God (belly teeth)

Now hold on to your lunch and take a look at the close ups.

Seriously these guys make me want to puke they look so gross but at the same time I am really pleased with how they turned out and I might even paint the Herald next.  I am not sure what I will do with them long term, I might just have them sit in my cabinet looking cool or I might sell them and there is even a small chance of some Nurgle allies.

As usual please leave your comments below and be sure to check back soon as I promise you my Stormfang Gunship is almost finished.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Workbench Progress - Messing Around with Edge Paints

Hey everyone,

I received my order of edge paints this week, I got the full set and from what I can tell they are almost the exact same colours as the dry paints but with the same consistency as the layer paints range.

I am not usually a fan of edge highlights but I will use it some times to help make something pop.  I had a root through my collection for a model that I could try these paints out on and decided that my recently painted Vindicare Assassin was the perfect candidate as he is an army of one.

So I went back in and added some extreme edge highlights to as much of him as I could and tbh it does make him look more Sci-Fi and helps him stand out that extra bit above the rest of my Imperial Guard army.

This is the Vindicare before I went in with the edges paints.

And here he is afterwards. 

So while not ground breaking I can see these paints being quite nice for the extreme highlight on something that really needs to stand out and I expect I will use them more as time goes on.

Check back soon :)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Workbench Progress - Fulgrim The Phoenician, The Illuminator

Hey everyone, I managed to get Fulgrim finished this weekend which almost puts me back on track with my Primarch painting project.  Next up is Ferrus Manus who should not take long to finish despite all the tiny bits on account of him being painted mostly in black.

I almost had Fulgrim finished last week but when I checked the photos I could see a few areas that I was not happy with, so I went back and made some changes before re-taking these pix.

I am mostly happy with the finished paint job though I do have a few reservations regarding the oath papers trailing from the back of him as I think they lack detail and were hard to make look interesting.

I airbrushed the cloak which turned out to be a good idea as the shading looks really cool and saved me a load of time blending it old school. 

I had to pin the cloak on in the end with some green stuff and super glue, I also pinned both the sword and the head for maximum strength.

I painted the golden details on the armour with far more luster than I did on Angron as Fulgrim in meant to shine.

There are some nice little details on this model like the pair of daggers on his right hip and a Volkite weapon of some kind holstered on his left.

I am really happy with how the sword turned out and the details seem to hold up to close inspection.  I added a layer of gloss varnish to the gem stones, eyes and mouth to show them up as a different texture. 

The base was airbrushed in about four earthy colours and then I painted the gold and armour details.  I finished it off with a wash in Agrax Earthshade so it would match the base I did for Angron. 

So that's two down and sixteen to go, I will make plans to get Ferrus preped for painting as soon as I have finished my Stormfang Gunship so check back soon for more on that.

As ever thanks for reading, please feel free to leave your comments and any questions you might want answered below.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Workbench Progress - Cadian Plasma Gunners

Hey peeps,

The small workbench updates just keep on coming, I have been meaning to finish these plasma gunners for ages  and I finally got them done over the weekend.  I now have at least 6 of all the special weapons fully painted and I might have 9 Meltaguns done. 

The plasma coil was based in Stegadon Scale Green then I carefully dry brushed a layer of Sotek Green followed by Temple Guard Blue then I added a last extreme highlight in Etherium Blue before adding a glaze on Guilliman Blue.  To make the coils pop out I finish them off with a coat of Ardcoat gloss varnish.

Well that was short and sweet, see you next time.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Workbench Progress - Vindicare Assassin

Greetings all, another quick update for you as I have a bunch of things that have all been finished during this last week.  

After getting my hands on the digital version of the new Assassinorum Dateaslate I jumped on eBay and picked up a Vindicare Assassin.  I was always a big fan of the Vindicare who is aiming his rifle but I could not find one so I went with the pistol and rifle version. 

My only complaints would be that some of the older lead mini's tend not to have very crisp detail and also sometimes have a pitted texture that seems to show through the primer but there are no plastic version of this model yet so I made do.

After some black primer I have a look through the dataslate to find some examples of this model painted up and settled on this scheme which allows for some military style colours to break up what would might otherwise be a totally black model.

The scale of the pistol is the only part of this model that I find a little OTT as it really is beyond ridiculous, sure his rifle is massive but we can forgive him for that as it looks totally bad-ass.

I am looking forward to attaching this guy to my Astra Militarum army for some much needed long range head hunting.

That's all folks, be sure to check back soon.