Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Workbench Progress - Thunderwolf Cavalry

Hey there, I'm back with another workbench update and this time its with my Thunderwolf Cavalry who I actually finished painting last Friday.  

I rushed out and bought these guys on release and had them built by the end of the day then after some play testing during the tail end of 5th edition I decided they were something I would be running in many of my army lists.  Sadly by the time they were next in line on my work bench 6th and rolled round and a dedicated assault unit was then out of the question so the Thunder Cav were shelved.

Time passed and I eventually cannibalised the riders apart for the legs to help me bolster my power armoured combi weapon wolf Guard pack and even thought about selling the mounts on eBay.

More time passed and 7th edition came round and I started to see new life in many of my shelved projects and once my reaming Long Fang packs were painted up I tuned my attention to the Thunder Cav.  I had enough Grey Hunter spare bits to build 5 more riders and after casting some shoulder pads and a little magnetising they they were ready for painting.

I had an idea of how I wanted to paint the mounts using the airbrush to do a 4 colour fade across them but then I came across this helpful video tutorial from GW and decided to run with that instead.  The riders were painted in my usual manner which is explained in great detail here.

Well lets take a look at the finished models, I will say before you do that I will go back and dress up the bases but for now they are done enough and I have moved on to other things.

I am happy with how these turned out and tbh its great to see them finally painted as they have dodged being canned all together a bunch of times.  The arrival of 7th edition has given them a new lease of life and I am actually using all five of them in a big multi player game I am hosting in September.

Well as usual comments are welcome and check back soon.

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