Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves

Hey there peeps, with the Space Wolves codex imminent I have been working my butt off getting what remains of my Space Wolves painted up ready so lets take a look at the finished mini's.

I have gotten quite fond of using the Plasma Cannon upgrade of late so its cool to have it finished but I can see it being replaced by the Helfrost Cannon very soon.

The plasma coils turned out looking really cool.

I have had these guys sitting around waiting to be painted since my army was built way back at the end of 5th Edition.  I can see them making up a cool Legion Heavy Support Squad with all Missile Launchers in 30K when the Space Wolf rules arrive from Forgeworld.

I finished painting these old gitz a while back now but they are going to be featuring in a 1000pt list I will be using in a four player game in September on my Cityscape table, there will be a post filled with cool photo's from that game soon after.  I have had some good results with Long Fangs in the new Maelstrom Missions as they can now sit around and score objectives and provide covering fire while the Drop Pods go in and deliver the hurt. 

These guys are the last of my unpainted Space Wolves, I cannibalised everything from the riders apart from the legs last year to make more power armoured Wolfguard but with the rumoured 10pt reduction on them I plan to paint these guys very soon.

Keep any eye out for more updates soon.


  1. Looking good! Hopefully changes don't effect your army build too much!

    1. Well I spent some time with Google Translator this morning and I think I will be fine :)