Sunday, 10 August 2014

Workbench Progress - Ork Speed freaks

Hello again, since the arrival of the new Ork codex I have dusted off my Ork Speed Freak army and given it a bit of a tidy up.  I have now gone full Evil Sunz cult of speed and spent a whole week worth of evenings painting all the blue armour on my Nobs and IC's red and adding the yellow flame details that Evil Sunz are so well known for.  I have also updated the Trukks and Battle Wagons in the same manner with a ton of cool flames so they look like real Orky hot-rods now.

These guys turned out looking sweet in red, I do plan to include a Mega Armour Warboss and Big Mek but I am not sure when yet.

My old metal Mega Nobs were given some yellow details and remain massively heavy to carry around so they will be replaced over time by the new plastic models which I have waiting in the side line.

Now that Tankbustas can move about as they wish and are all packing Melta Bombs I figured it was high time I included some.  A mob of Shoota Boyz were re-purposed and given a lick of red paint and a Trukk.

These guys are my most recently painted mob, I have spent the last week getting them painted up and finished them last Friday in plenty of time for releasing this post.  With these boys finished I have all six of my Trukks full and a fully painted 1750pt army.

I have four of these Trukk Boy Mobs, each of them includes one Power Klaw Nob a Rokkit Launcha and ten Ork Boyz.

I am a huge fan of Orks being able to ride on their transports so all my Trukks are heavily converted, more recent changes include the Rokkit Launcha and any yellow paint you can see.

Very spacious these Ork Trukks all twelve fit in just about with no room to spare.

No more 18 shots on the Waaagh! but hell it's still a freaking great flyer that I never leave out of my Orks army lists.

With new and improved flame detailing this Battle Wagon is looking great, its a shame Deff Rollas sort of suck now but never mind.

I did have big shootas on all my Trukks and Wagons but in light of the new codex I have decided that Rokkits are the only logical option so I pinched these from the new Mega Nobs kit and used them across both of my Wagons.

This Battle Wagon is the big daddy of conversion in this army, it carries 20 Ork Boys or 5 Mega Nobs, a Waboss also in Mega Armour, a Big Mek and a Painboy in the flatbed at the rear and with the flames its looking super pimped.

The big Shootas were replaced with Rokkits as they are very much the new black.

Sweet detail work on the front makes this ride look wicked.

This big pile of bitz was my mob of ten Burnas a week ago.

Well until next time and as ever check back soon.

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  1. Reaaaally cool how the boyz fit into the truck. Paintjob's great. Grots found some new red paint? Bloody bloody angels warehouse found? Nice conversion for fuel tanks. Not a bit dangerous... orky!