Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Workbench Progress - Cityscape Buildings Finished

Hey there everyone,

I am back with yet another workbench update, this time it's to show off my now fully painted Pegasus Hobby's Gothic buildings which I setup on my Forgeworld Cityscape table for a bit of a photo shoot this past weekend.  I am hosting a four player 1000pts each carnage game in September for a mates birthday so I dressed the table up as I intend it to look on the day so the guys could get a feel for the terrain ahead of time. I know they are starting to build their lists and get any models they will need painted up so a little inspiration is never a bad thing.

If you look carefully you can see my new Orky objective markers along with the imperial barricades I posted up a while back, there are also some Battlefield in a Box craters and my Spartan Games cargo crates and containers set scattered about the table to bulk out the cover.

The buildings were sprayed in a colour that was a close match to GW's Dawnstone then given a wash all over in the same three part mix as I used on my Zone Mortalis tiles and the roads on this table made of equal parts Nuln Oil, Agrax Eathshade and Druchii Violet and then given a dry brushing in Administratum Grey.

I am very proud of this table and now the buildings and scatter terrain are all finished it really ties everything together, maybe one day I will add some source lighting to the lamps but for now I am really happy with everything.

Check back soon for more updates.


  1. This table is amazing! You should be proud!! People would jump at the chance to play on such an amazing surface.

  2. Nice to see the Pegasus buildings in some different combos. How many Pegasus kits is that there?

  3. Sorry it's been a few years in the making and I cant remember how many kits I ended up buying exactly. It took a while to gather that much of the Pegasus stuff as it can be quite hard to find in the UK.

    I like them way more than the GW city sets.

  4. Pegasus stuff seems really good. I picked up 2 of the technobridges a few weeks ago and love 'em!