Tuesday, 29 July 2014

NEWS - Space Wolves Dreadnought

Well it looks like GW just turned Dreadnoughts up to 11, this kit looks freaking wicked and I can see myself getting at least one so I can use the weapons and some of the Wolf bits on my existing Dreadnought.  I might then go on and make a 2nd Dreadnought so I can field it in Zone Mortalis with the Axe and the Storm-shield.

Thank La Taberna de Laurana for the following images.

I am glad to see that the codex will be released in the middle of the Wolves release schedule rather than at the end like the Orks as that really sucked the joy out of that release for me. When I see that a new codex is imminent I generally stop playing games with the corresponding army until I get my hands on the book and next weekend aint so far away.

All my armies now have a hard-back codex and even though its been hard on my wallet with Imperial Guard, Orks and now Space Wolves back to back I am glad everything is up to date and I can now stop hemorrhaging money.


  1. Please, review your sources!

    La Taberna de Laurana was the first to publish them.

    Give the true credits to the ones who deserve it

    1. Good catch Wolfen, I have updated the source and added that site to my feed :)

      Good to see that someone is paying closer attention than me.

    2. I see that's your blog, nice one, I always feel that the UK and USA blog are playing catch up on 40k news.

  2. xDDDD

    Thank you so much!