Monday, 7 July 2014

NEWS - The Space Wolves are coming

Oh man its been one hell of a year for me already with the Guard and Ork codex back to back and now my other army the Space Wolves looking like they might be next in line, can my wallet handle the pressure?

All this was found on Mexican Ork

Grukk Face-Rippa
5 Nobz
10 Grots
1 Runtherd
3 Killa Kanz

Space Wolves:
Krom Dragongaze
5 Wolf Guards
5 Grey Hunters
5 Blood Claws

The Orks seem to have a nice new Warboss based around the model featured in Black Reach, I like the addition of an attack squig.

The Space Wolves also seem to have a new dude amongst them but the rest of this set looks like GW are trying to boost sales of their older Space Wolf kits before a new shiny release.  The Grey Hunter/Blood Claw/Wolfguard set is still good but the Wolfguard Terminators set is terrible if you ask me due to the stupid weapon options that are included.

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