Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hobby Workbench Progress - Wolfguard Terminators

Hey everyone, I am back with another hobby update and its good to be back on track and getting posts out. 

Last Friday I spent most of the day finishing painting my Pegasus Hobbies buildings for my Forgeworld cityscape table which are now all finished and looking sweet.  Over the weekend I painted a bunch of new weapon options for my Wolfguard Terminators in the form of Power/Frost Axes and Storm Shields.  I can now field my Wolfguard as pack leaders with the combi weapon and power axe loadout which is supercool.

With the new Orks codex out it might seem strange that I am painting more marine stuff but I have a few bits on order to add to my Orks and while they are winging their way to me I figured get a few others bits finished.  I have 14 Ork boys with choppas and sluggas to paint up and I do plan to replace my 5 metal Mega Nobs with the new plastic kits but at £38 for three I am in no rush to do that.

I have some spare painted Ork stuff that I will put up on eBay soon so lookout for more detail on those this week, in the mean time lets take a look at the Wolfguard.

Power Axes and Combi Weapons.
Power Axes and Storm Shields.
 Power Swords and Combi Weapons.

 Power Swords and Storm Shields.

Man I love these models they look so cool, I want to paint up five Thunder Hammers soon so I have a full set of useful weapons, I might do Lightning Claws at some point in the future but I never feel the urge to use them.  I keep hearing that the Space Wolves codex is next in line for 40K but I will believe that when I see it.  I guess the Blood angles got a digital codex so the Wolves are the only faction without a digital codex so it would make sense that they are next in line but we will see.  If they are next then my wallet will be glad that I have so many models already and should not need too buy much on release, I want access to flakk missiles and a flyer of some kind so fingers crossed for both of those.

Anyway that's all for now, check back soon


  1. Looking great. At first I didn't like how all the axes were posed identically...then I realized you could swap out the weapons :). Very nice work!

    1. I think there are 3 different poses but two look very similar, I was at the mercy of what Thunder Hammer arms I could find and stick axe heads to :)

      I really like that axe with all the runes in it, I hope GW don't go and make Wolf Terminators just the same as the standard Marines with just Hammers Shields or Storm Bolters and Power Fists as I have spent ages making these. It's one of the worst kits out there, sure the Terminators look cool with all the fetish stuff on them but you don't even get the standard codex loadout in the kit, they are Storm Bolters and Power Swords at base cost and you get one Power Sword on a crappy chest hugging arm TERRIBLE KIT!

      New shiny kit please GW with a crap ton of cool options please :)

    2. I wouldn't worry too much. I play templars, and I can't stand the way the thunderhammers look..so I just gave them GK terminator swords and shields. As long as you have the shield and point it out to your opponent, nobody really cares.

      So you could still have the swords/storm bolters combo (pf/storm bolters), or axe/shield combo (TH/shield). Use the SB and the Shield to differentiate the two types.

      I doubt the wolves will be rolled into any codexes, they'd never stand for it :).