Tuesday, 29 July 2014

NEWS - Space Wolves Dreadnought

Well it looks like GW just turned Dreadnoughts up to 11, this kit looks freaking wicked and I can see myself getting at least one so I can use the weapons and some of the Wolf bits on my existing Dreadnought.  I might then go on and make a 2nd Dreadnought so I can field it in Zone Mortalis with the Axe and the Storm-shield.

Thank La Taberna de Laurana for the following images.

I am glad to see that the codex will be released in the middle of the Wolves release schedule rather than at the end like the Orks as that really sucked the joy out of that release for me. When I see that a new codex is imminent I generally stop playing games with the corresponding army until I get my hands on the book and next weekend aint so far away.

All my armies now have a hard-back codex and even though its been hard on my wallet with Imperial Guard, Orks and now Space Wolves back to back I am glad everything is up to date and I can now stop hemorrhaging money.

Monday, 21 July 2014

NEWS - Stormfang Gunship

Finally my dreams of a flying viking longboat have been realized in the form of the new Stormfang Gunship, these have both been taken from http://descansodelescriba.blogspot.co.uk/

 GW have also dropped their Space Wolves video teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xR5I52M-0B8

The above were from http://www.talkwargaming.com/2014/07/news-space-wolves-re-release-confirmed.html

So its basically half of a Caestus Assault Ram, I always thought the Caestus was strange looking with its double hull so I think the Stormfang looks just right.

It seems that the 2nd version of this kit is more dedicated to transporting troops and is called the Stormwolf.

If I get anymore pix I will get them up here ASAP.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Workbench Progress - Cityscape Buildings Finished

Hey there everyone,

I am back with yet another workbench update, this time it's to show off my now fully painted Pegasus Hobby's Gothic buildings which I setup on my Forgeworld Cityscape table for a bit of a photo shoot this past weekend.  I am hosting a four player 1000pts each carnage game in September for a mates birthday so I dressed the table up as I intend it to look on the day so the guys could get a feel for the terrain ahead of time. I know they are starting to build their lists and get any models they will need painted up so a little inspiration is never a bad thing.

If you look carefully you can see my new Orky objective markers along with the imperial barricades I posted up a while back, there are also some Battlefield in a Box craters and my Spartan Games cargo crates and containers set scattered about the table to bulk out the cover.

The buildings were sprayed in a colour that was a close match to GW's Dawnstone then given a wash all over in the same three part mix as I used on my Zone Mortalis tiles and the roads on this table made of equal parts Nuln Oil, Agrax Eathshade and Druchii Violet and then given a dry brushing in Administratum Grey.

I am very proud of this table and now the buildings and scatter terrain are all finished it really ties everything together, maybe one day I will add some source lighting to the lamps but for now I am really happy with everything.

Check back soon for more updates.

Monday, 7 July 2014

NEWS - The Space Wolves are coming

Oh man its been one hell of a year for me already with the Guard and Ork codex back to back and now my other army the Space Wolves looking like they might be next in line, can my wallet handle the pressure?

All this was found on Mexican Ork

Grukk Face-Rippa
5 Nobz
10 Grots
1 Runtherd
3 Killa Kanz

Space Wolves:
Krom Dragongaze
5 Wolf Guards
5 Grey Hunters
5 Blood Claws

The Orks seem to have a nice new Warboss based around the model featured in Black Reach, I like the addition of an attack squig.

The Space Wolves also seem to have a new dude amongst them but the rest of this set looks like GW are trying to boost sales of their older Space Wolf kits before a new shiny release.  The Grey Hunter/Blood Claw/Wolfguard set is still good but the Wolfguard Terminators set is terrible if you ask me due to the stupid weapon options that are included.

Workbench Progress - Objective Markers

Hey there peeps.

Last week I managed to get in my first and second games of 40K 7th Edition and so far I like what I see.  I played the Maelstrom of War missions both times as I have the cards and 7th Edition seems to have been created with them in mind.  My first impressions are that 40K is more like playing a board game like Risk or Small World or even Ticket to Ride, in that your skill will only take you so far and victory is ultimately decided by the draw of your objective mission cards.  Sure some people are going to hate this and for competitive events the 6th edition mission will be better suited but I really enjoyed the way the card gave me something new and different to do during each turn other than just beat my opponents army to a pulp for the win.

 The stress of winning through aggression alone and the worry of whether or not I have brought the right combination of scissor, paper and or rocks needed to defeat my enemy felt like it had been lifted.  Each turn I got some new missions and so long as I had one model left on the table at the end of play my score was valid so I found myself dropping my Pods on as a may objectives as possible turn one and then sent my Marines off on small skirmish missions as and when a cards demanded. 

I found the Drop Pods very useful as they were objective secured so I really did not have to worry about using my Marines to hold objectives and very often a card would come up that would score me some points just because I had Drop Pods sitting on 4 of the 6 objectives.  I lost my first game at my local GW store 14/12 I think but I then went on to win my second game 14/13 so both games were very close and it was not clear who was going to win until right at the end as the cards were so close throughout both games.

So I am super pumped about playing in 7th Edition now and I am currently working on my Ork army list so they can get some table time soon.

So anyway back to the point of this post, I quickly realized 5min before my first game that I had no objective markers so I quickly dug out six 40mm bases and painted roman numerals on them and then ran out of the house.  When I had some time to ponder the objective markers I decide to break out the plastic card and elaborate on what I had already created.

MKI of my objective markers.

I cut out some very thing plastic card and glued it in place on the bases so they would look like they were covered in metal plating, I then used a thicker grade of card to make the numerals, I then drilled some small holes in the plating to mimic riveting and added larger rivets to the numerals using pin heads.  To add a little more of an interesting texture to a few of the markers I cut some plastic rod up to make spent shell casings, things were now looking quite Orky.

Next I have all six a few coats of Vallejo Model air Gun Metal and painted the rivets in Balthazar Gold.

I then added a wash of Nuln Oil.

It was clear at this point that things had become a little more Orky than I had intended so I added a generous helping of  Typhus Corrosion followed by a dry brushing of Riza Rust.  Once all this was dry I picked out some edge details using Runefang Steel and added more Balthasar Gold to the rivets.  I then added some Agrax Earthshade to the rivets so they looked extra weathered.

As a final touch I broke out my 'Blood for the Blood God' blood effect paint which I had not used yet and had been waiting for a chance to try out.   This paint does not disappoint, it goes on great and you can build it up in layers to get some great effects. I started by flicking it off the bristles of a large brush and then worked into some of them using a brush and I think you will agree this stuff looks really quite gruesome with its super slick wet finish.

This one looks a bit like maybe someone took a mass reactive round spraying blood across the room.

I think this one looks a bit like someone went and shook the gore off of their chopper.

 Someone got splattered.


The walking wounded.

Using the floor as a weapon.

Well that was some morbid fun and I now have some wicked looking objective markers that should entertain my opponents, if you have made a cool set of your own markers by all means send me some pictures to gwotaz@yahoo.co.uk and I will be happy to post them up.

Check back soon for more updates.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hobby Workbench Progress - Wolfguard Terminators

Hey everyone, I am back with another hobby update and its good to be back on track and getting posts out. 

Last Friday I spent most of the day finishing painting my Pegasus Hobbies buildings for my Forgeworld cityscape table which are now all finished and looking sweet.  Over the weekend I painted a bunch of new weapon options for my Wolfguard Terminators in the form of Power/Frost Axes and Storm Shields.  I can now field my Wolfguard as pack leaders with the combi weapon and power axe loadout which is supercool.

With the new Orks codex out it might seem strange that I am painting more marine stuff but I have a few bits on order to add to my Orks and while they are winging their way to me I figured get a few others bits finished.  I have 14 Ork boys with choppas and sluggas to paint up and I do plan to replace my 5 metal Mega Nobs with the new plastic kits but at £38 for three I am in no rush to do that.

I have some spare painted Ork stuff that I will put up on eBay soon so lookout for more detail on those this week, in the mean time lets take a look at the Wolfguard.

Power Axes and Combi Weapons.
Power Axes and Storm Shields.
 Power Swords and Combi Weapons.

 Power Swords and Storm Shields.

Man I love these models they look so cool, I want to paint up five Thunder Hammers soon so I have a full set of useful weapons, I might do Lightning Claws at some point in the future but I never feel the urge to use them.  I keep hearing that the Space Wolves codex is next in line for 40K but I will believe that when I see it.  I guess the Blood angles got a digital codex so the Wolves are the only faction without a digital codex so it would make sense that they are next in line but we will see.  If they are next then my wallet will be glad that I have so many models already and should not need too buy much on release, I want access to flakk missiles and a flyer of some kind so fingers crossed for both of those.

Anyway that's all for now, check back soon