Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Workbench Progress - Conscripts

Hello again,

What self respecting Imperial Guard army would be complete without at least one squad of Conscripts?  I plan to run Commissar Yarrick quite often and conscripts are a nice unit to use as bodyguards for him.  On those rare occasions when I don't need conscripts, having a bunch of spare riflemen kicking about is always useful for fleshing out command squads when you don't have the need or the points for weapon upgrades.

I batch painted this lot over the course of three or 4 evenings and I don't think I have a single Guardsman left unpainted in my entire collection now, not even in my bits box.  I must have about 150 infantry all painted from the humble riflemen to Vox operators to heavy weapon bases.

I am trying to get all of my cityscape buildings finished this week so I will post up some pictures when they are done.

Only three more sleeps until 7th edition, well two if you are downloading the Epub at mid-night on Friday.



  1. Painting so many conscripts is an impressive feat. I still haven't painted all my ork boyz, and it's been years. Nice work! The bases serve as a great contrast to their green uniforms.

    1. Cheers mate, I am a bit of a machine when it comes to painting my Guardsmen :)

      I guess I will be back on my Orks too next month ;)