Tuesday, 20 May 2014

NEWS - Mortarion Released and Vulkan Sighted

Hey everyone,

After last weeks sneaky peek at Mortarion he has now been released and is available to pre-order for the bargain price of £55.00, this guy is on my shopping list along with Lorgar and Horus.  I have not even managed to finish painting Angron, Fulgrim or Ferrus yet due to the release of the new Imperial Guard codex and I think Orks are going to hold me up again soon.

A whole crap ton of cool stuff has been revealed at a recent Forge World Horus Heresy Weekender the most exciting of which in my opinion has been the first sightings of Vulkan the Primarch of the Salamanders Chapter.  This guy looks freaking wicked, I have really grown to like Vulkan as a character thanks to the novels Vulkan Lives and Unremembered Empire.

 I have read that the battle for Prospero will be delayed so I will be waiting a good while yet before I get my hands of Leman Russ but it looks like I will have plenty to be getting on with.

Only a few days now until 40k 7th Ed and I can't wait :)

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