Saturday, 31 May 2014

Workbench Progress - Rune Priest in Terminator Armour

Hey there, I was on on BOLS the other week and I came across this image of a Rune Priest conversion that was made using a Space Hulk Librarian, it was part of a wicked looking Space Wolves army and as a Wolves player my self I always enjoy seeing other peoples take on the Pups. 

I knew immediately that I needed to make my own version of this model and add it to my collection so I jumped on eBay and picked up a Space Hulk Librarian for £20 and then started rooting through my bits box.

Within a few days the Librarian turned up and I set to work shaving off all the Blood Angel iconography and drilled out the head.  The head that I actually used turned out to be from the Warhammer Fantasy Empire Battle Wizard box set.  

I even went so far as carefully slicing skulls from bolt pistols to add some Wolf details to the armour, I added a helmet mag-locked to his side though with all that hair I have no idea how he would ever be able to wear it.

I added a wolf tail and even a wolf head icon to his stormbolter and then added a few more bits of Fenrisian fetish here and there to flesh it all out.

It was soon time for the obligatory black undercoat which to my great relief helped tie all the different bits  together to create a bloody cool looking mini even if I do say so myself.

The clock was ticking on this project and I had just enough time to airbrush the armour in Fenrisian Grey before I had to go catch a train to the airport.

I am flying out to Canada for a two week holiday with the wife but that does not mean I wont be doing any painting, this mini is packed in my luggage along with a small selection of base paints and my series 7 brushes so look out for another post showing my progress in the next week or so.

In the mean time images of the new Ork minis are popping up all over the place and if the new codex gets released while I am overseas I will get a digital copy unless I happen across a Canadian game store.

Anyway that's all for now, be sure to check back soon.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Workbench Progress - Conscripts

Hello again,

What self respecting Imperial Guard army would be complete without at least one squad of Conscripts?  I plan to run Commissar Yarrick quite often and conscripts are a nice unit to use as bodyguards for him.  On those rare occasions when I don't need conscripts, having a bunch of spare riflemen kicking about is always useful for fleshing out command squads when you don't have the need or the points for weapon upgrades.

I batch painted this lot over the course of three or 4 evenings and I don't think I have a single Guardsman left unpainted in my entire collection now, not even in my bits box.  I must have about 150 infantry all painted from the humble riflemen to Vox operators to heavy weapon bases.

I am trying to get all of my cityscape buildings finished this week so I will post up some pictures when they are done.

Only three more sleeps until 7th edition, well two if you are downloading the Epub at mid-night on Friday.


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

NEWS - Mortarion Released and Vulkan Sighted

Hey everyone,

After last weeks sneaky peek at Mortarion he has now been released and is available to pre-order for the bargain price of £55.00, this guy is on my shopping list along with Lorgar and Horus.  I have not even managed to finish painting Angron, Fulgrim or Ferrus yet due to the release of the new Imperial Guard codex and I think Orks are going to hold me up again soon.

A whole crap ton of cool stuff has been revealed at a recent Forge World Horus Heresy Weekender the most exciting of which in my opinion has been the first sightings of Vulkan the Primarch of the Salamanders Chapter.  This guy looks freaking wicked, I have really grown to like Vulkan as a character thanks to the novels Vulkan Lives and Unremembered Empire.

 I have read that the battle for Prospero will be delayed so I will be waiting a good while yet before I get my hands of Leman Russ but it looks like I will have plenty to be getting on with.

Only a few days now until 40k 7th Ed and I can't wait :)

Thursday, 15 May 2014

NEWS - Primarch Mortarion

All the way from the death world known as Barbarus I am pleased to present the Primarch of The Death Guard, yes its the one, the only MORTARION......

No word yet as to when this model will be released but you can bet it wont be long now.

Here are some images that I dug up that will have inspired the finished miniature. 

For more info on Lord of Decay click below

NEWS - 7th Edition Psychic Phase

So Jervis is at it again today in his new video about the addition of a Psychic Phase in 40K 7th Edition, here is the link

For those more interested in the detail revealed in this video I took the liberty of screen grabbing all the good bits for you to read, I apologies in advance for the message that is in the middle of some of the images, I was in a rush.


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

NEWS - 40k 7th Edition

OK I give up, I am seeing these images all over the interwebs so I have put them up so you, my loyal readers can take a look at whats coming.


So these new missions look cool, scoring VP during the game is cool with secondary’s and primary missions on top, only being able to claim VP on objectives at the end of the game can be a pain in the butt from time to time.  I think only your primary detachment have that objective secured rule, so allies cant contest against primary detachment units long with  units from unbound armies.

Psychic phase is making more sense now, so each warp charge marked on a card is how many successes are required to cast a power, a success requires a 4+ roll on a D6 from your warp charge dice pool, so a warp charge 3 power needs three dice throwing at it minimum and three 4+ rolls will activate it so the more dice you put through it the more chance there is of it being cast but the greater the chance of a perils.

Dispelling is now explained as the defender putting in a number of dice from their dispelling dice pool into an attempt to interrupt a power.  To dispel you need to roll a 6 on a D6 and then you get +1 for skills like Adamantium Will and stuff.  The more dice you throw in the better your chance of a straight 6, even a race with no psykers will get a single D6 worth of dispelling dice per turn.

I think Psyk-hoods and ghosthelms and runic armour are now going to help you modify or avoid the effects on the perils of the warp chart look out for FAQ’s.

So the powers look more deadly but are much harder to cast and it’s still very hard to stop them, no news yet on how powers are accessed or if you can try to cancel an enemy blessing. 

It looks like battle bros are still in but I don’t think powers and skills overlap, all imperial forces are Bros, Chaos Marines  and daemons are also bros then apart from Tyranids everyone else are now allies of convenience as we know it now.

Grounding checks have now been tidied up so it makes sense, challenges are now still daft imo but at least you can’t use them to spare squads and tart pit powerful models, with one hand GW gave us “our weapons are useless”  to avoid tart pits but with the other hand they gave us challenge’s which reinvented the tart pit and making it worst that ever.

Wraithknightt charges a blob of guardsmen, only to be hand fed sergeant’s for 5 turns  until the game ends, that was stupid.  Now once the sergeant is killed the rest of the wounds roll over like that bit in LOTR’s when Sauron's mace flattens everyone.

Invulnerable saves Vs D-Weapons is a good move.

Anyway the pre-orders are up on Friday and I will be getting the dead tree main rule book and all the cards and tokens I can get my hands on.

Oh and before I forget here are the videos featuring Jervis Johnson talking about the new shiny.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Workbench Progress - Astra Militarum

Hey peeps, 

I have spent the weeks since the release of the new Guard codex trying to get a basic 1500pts of infantry and support vehicles painted.  I already had a ton of dudes painted but I wanted to make sure everyone I needed for a pure platoon army was finished.  I am normally used to running a veteran army that consists of six ten man Veteran Squad and two Company Command Squads.  I am still not sure what if any special characters (Yarrick) and or advisers (Psykers, Priests) I will add and now that 7th edition is about to drop I will hang fire until I have the new rules in hand. 

Aegis Defense Line - Icarus Lascannon
Company Command Squad - Vox, Autocannon
Company Command Squad - Vox, Autocannon
Platoon Command Squad - Vox, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Vox, Meltagun, Lascannon
Infantry Squad - Vox, Meltagun, Lascannon
Infantry Squad - Vox, Meltagun, Lascannon
Platoon Command Squad - Vox, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Vox, Meltagun, Lascannon
Infantry Squad - Vox, Meltagun, Lascannon
Infantry Squad - Vox, Meltagun, Lascannon 
Platoon Command Squad - Vox, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Vox, Meltagun, Lascannon
Infantry Squad - Vox, Meltagun, Lascannon
Infantry Squad - Vox, Meltagun, Lascannon 
Vendetta Gunship - Twin-Linked Lacannon x3
Wyvern - Hull Heavy Flamer,  x2 Twin-Linked Storm Shard Mortar
Wyvern - Hull Heavy Flamer,  x2 Twin-Linked Storm Shard Mortar
Wyvern - Hull Heavy Flamer,  x2 Twin-Linked Storm Shard Mortar

I also I have the following fully painted units that I can add if required.

Rough Riders x10
Hell Hound x1
Leman Russ x3 Multiple Turrets and sponson weapons
Manticore x1

I turned my Forgeworld Hydras into Wyverns, I cut off the barrels of the autocannons and enabled them to be re-attached when and if they are required, the Wyverns are a really good anti infantry platform.

Despite the points increase which we all knew was coming I still feel that I should not be leaving home without at least one Vendetta Gunship.

Here I have three platoons each consisting of three Infantry Squads and one Platoon Command Squad, then have two Company Command Squad, with this lot its all about the orders and boots on the ground.

Each Infantry Squad sergeant, Junior and Senior officer feature a lot of custom work so they are all individual, on top of this the sergeants all have chainswords while the officers all have sabres and headgear befitting their rank.

I have gone with Heavy Weapons in the Command Squads to try and get as much lead down range as possible, its looking a lot like a late 4th Edition Guard army right now.

I have not managed to get in a game with these guys yet but I do plan to head down to my local GW for one last game of 6th Edition this Friday.  I am heading to Canada on holiday for the first two weeks of June but I will be digesting the new edition during the flight and will try to get a few posts out while I am away.

By the time I get back to the UK I expect the Orks will be almost upon us which means I will be dragging my Orks out of the loft ready to see whats hot and whats not.

Anyway that's I for now.