Sunday, 27 April 2014

Workbench Progress - 40K Urban Barricades

Hey everyone,

This week I have mainly been working on my new Astra Militarum army list while digesting the wider communities opinions on what's hot and what's not from this newest of codecs but there has been some time for hobby progress.

I have prepared my second Legion of the Damned squad for painting and build and painted the Rapid Fire Battle Cannon for my Imperial Knight so it now has both ranged weapon options while also finishing my recently purchased 40K urban barricades.

I have panted these barricades to match my Forgeworld cityscape tabletop and in doing so made very good use of the GW technical paint range to make them look rusty and weathered.

With all this talk of Wood Elves it might be a bit quiet for a while between hobby updates but I guess 7th edition and the new Ork codex will be upon us before long.

So as ever please check back soon.


  1. Those look great. Love to see a shot of these on the tabletop with all your other terrain pieces you've gotten lately!

  2. I am due a game on my city board so I will see what I can do :)

  3. Hi, I like color sheme for this barricades, which colors you use to paint them?

    1. The walls were Leadbelcher with a Typhos Corrosion wash then Ryza Rush drybrush.

      The rubbles was dawnstone with a drybrush of administratum grey and a black wash.

      The bronze was Balthasar Gold with an Agrax Earthshade wash then weathered with whatever that new technical is called I forget soz.