Sunday, 27 April 2014

Workbench Progress - 40K Urban Barricades

Hey everyone,

This week I have mainly been working on my new Astra Militarum army list while digesting the wider communities opinions on what's hot and what's not from this newest of codecs but there has been some time for hobby progress.

I have prepared my second Legion of the Damned squad for painting and build and painted the Rapid Fire Battle Cannon for my Imperial Knight so it now has both ranged weapon options while also finishing my recently purchased 40K urban barricades.

I have panted these barricades to match my Forgeworld cityscape tabletop and in doing so made very good use of the GW technical paint range to make them look rusty and weathered.

With all this talk of Wood Elves it might be a bit quiet for a while between hobby updates but I guess 7th edition and the new Ork codex will be upon us before long.

So as ever please check back soon.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

NEWS - New Games Workshop Site Goes Live

Well it happened a few mins ago, the new Games Workshop site is now live, please note that your old GW account details will not enable you to login so you will need to re-register to use all the usual functions and by that I mean buy stuff.

There seems to be a lot of Black Library stuff on the main site both in dead tree format and digital but no sign of anything from forgeworld.

It's new and clean with lots of cool filtering options to help you buy more of the new shiny plastic crack I know we all crave but its not ground breaking in any way that I can see and I cant find the errata section anywhere.

Well pop on down and sign up :)

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

NEWS - New Games Workshop Retail Site

Looks like the rumored new Games Workshop retail site might arrive very, very soon, look closely and you can see a new plastic Space Marine captain on the sprue.

Does that model look like anyone you have seen before?

Just saying :)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Workbench Progress - Legion of the Damned


Hey all, it's taken me a few weeks but my Legion of the Damned marines are all finished and looking very smart in my cabinet.

When I first placed my order for all these guys I was worried that they would turn up in a right old state as per my previous experience with the dreaded failcast so I had them delivered to my local store so I could have any defective models replaced without delay.  When it came time to collect my order I took a seat in store and began checking through everything and to my amazement and relief there was not a single defect.   

On top of a lack of defects the material they were cast in was much harder than the original finecast resin and felt more like some of the resins I have received from Forgeworld, even the store manager seemed surprised at how good they looked.

I had two units of five all cleaned up and built in an evening, I also added some magnets to enable weapon option swap-outs.  This resin was much easier to work with when it came to conversions, it offered much more resistance to my drill and blades which was very different to the material I had work on during the early Finecast days. 

Last time I was trying to add magnets to a finecast model I found it to be so soft that I had to be very, very careful that the drill did not cut too deep or that my blade did not do the same and end up cutting me.

When it came time to paint these guys I obviously started with a black undercoat.  

Next I painted the flames and eyes on everyone, starting with a base of Averland Sunset then I move down using the following colours in order Troll Slayer Orange, Wild Rider Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet and then Mephiston Red.  I then went back and highlighted the yellow using Ushabti Bone.

I used Leadbelcher and Balthasar Gold on the metallic areas and Zandri Dust highlighted with Ushabti Bone on all of the skeletal bits that are scattered all over these models.  I later added a wash of Nuln Oil to the Leadbelcher areas and Agraz Earthshade to the gold, red and bone details.


I painted all the slings, holsters and pouches in Rhinox Hide highlighted with Gorthor Brown then I added battle damaged to the armour using Leadbelcher.

as you will have noticed by now I have them all mounted on some cool Aztec skull temple bases, I cant remember exactly who I bought them from but they do look cool as hell.

Being a Space Wolves player this is the first Grav Weapon I have owned and or painted and in the hands of a guy with ignores cover on all his ranged attacks it will be deadly on the drop.

The Multi Melta and this Meltagun guy will be good for blasting all those annoying tanks with jink saves like Eldar and Tau and what's not to like about a Multi Melta that can move and fire at full BS?

Well that's all for now, not sure what will be up next as I have a few Astra Militarum things to paint ready for the new codex and I have almost finished Angron.

As usual check back soon.