Friday, 7 March 2014

Workbench Progress - Spartan Games Terrain

Hey there, just a quick post today to show off some Spartan Games terrain I ordered to help dress up my Zone Mortalis table.  I had been looking for some cool looking creates and a Teleport pad for ages and had totally forgotten about the Spartan Games range of terrain.

It did not take long to find a few sets that would be perfect and within a week they turned up, at fist glance the packaging is very good, maybe a bit more flash than it needs to be but I guess if it sells models so be it.  The resin used to cast these mini's is good and strong and I did not find any defects and with a little bit of a clean up and a wash they were ready for priming.


Good clean casts not much clean up work to do.

The green perspex was a bit oh a pain to snap free but with a little care I managed not to crack any of them.

I was going to leave these for another day but once I got stuck in I soon had them all painted up in no time using Vallejo Model Air colours and a cosponsoring wash using GW shades.

I think you will agree they look wicked on the Mortalis tiles.

Here you can see the scale against the Wolf Scouts.

Gunfights will be cool amongst this set for sure.

I can see this central column coming in handy as a primary objective marker.

Well like I said just a quick post, I need to get back on and finish my Legion of the Damned squad before something else distracts me from them.

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