Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knight Titan WIP Part 6


Hey guys and gals, that's right its all over I have finished my Imperial Knight and boy am I pleased with the outcome.  The armour all went on without any problems and once I had finished off a few little details and fixed a few joints in position I moved onto the base.  I have left the top carapace able to be removed and both of the weapons detach via magnets at the elbow and the arms still unlock from the main hull.  The face mask can be removed and I have painted the Mechanicum face underneath, the head will turn a little still but tbh the paint has frozen up most of its range.  The Reaper Chainsword still moves up and down and pivots like the main gun at the elbow, I was going to add a real chain to the banner but when I saw how well it glues in place I was not worried about it breaking off.  I sealed the whole model with GW Purity Seal and then used Ard Coat to gloss up the eyes, the window into the cockpit and the glass in oil level canisters on the Chainsword.

Well I wont keep you any longer, please enjoy the pictures.



I guess with this bad boy finished I can get back to painting Angron and the Legion of the Damned but first I think I will take the rest of the week off from painting to recharge.

Until next time goodbye.

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