Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knight Titan WIP Part 1

Hello again, today is just another quick update but this time its about my Imperial Knight, I have put the Legion of the Damned to one side while I get this thing finished.

I opted to work in reverse and rather than building the skeleton first and then painting the armour afterwards, I have started with the armour and external details.  I plan to get all the armour painted and with its transfers on before I move on to building the main body.  Once the main body is painted and based I will attach all these external bits and it will be finished and looking wicked.  I have gone for House Raven so expect lots of chevrons and Mechanicum livery.

I had a good read of the instructions to make sure I had all the bits I needed and only the skeleton was left on the frames.

A quick undercoat with airbrush and I was read to get started.

Once the upper carapace was finished the rest came together really quickly, I still have some armour drying so that will be my focus next.

Getting the chevrons straight was aided by Tamiya masking tape but it was still tricky.

I first sprayed the parts in Vallegio model air Steel before moving in the the GW base colours, I gave the metal work a wash in Nuln Oil and then added some Agraz Earthshade to the rivets before highlighting them in Runefang Steel.

The carapace is heavily weathered with paint chips, I found a picture of a beaten up old VW Love Bug (Herby) and replicated the effect, I generally don't edge highlight metal work in colours as metal does not behave like that so instead I go with weathering and chips.

I have magnetized the mask and the head so I can switch out the masks should I wish.

I took this picture after I had attached all of the hand rails, I had them painted separately and had to use a tiny drill bit to clean out the holes so the poly glue could make contact but they went on with any problems after that. 

So tonight I will weather and damage the last of the armour plates and paint the head and then its on to the Transfers so on Friday I might be able to build the skeleton.

Stay tunes for more updates.


  1. Cheers mate, I cant wait to see it all finished :)

  2. I have been following your Knights progress, I really like the cockpit details, I am leaving mine so I have access to the internal space just in case I go back add something similar.