Sunday, 16 March 2014

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knight Titan WIP Part 3

Hey there, the updates are coming in thick and fast now so this time its the transfers that are finished.  Now the last time I applied a transfer was way back in my Air-fix days when I was first introduced to scale modelling by my Dad and back then I always screwed them up :)

I was very glad that these transfers went on easy, I did have to cut small sections out of a few to get them to sit right but they all survived intact.

I plan to bring the armour back down to a mat finish, the gloss varnish really helped me get the transfers into position, those Forgeworld boys really know their stuff.

This banner had me worried but it turned out great, I might paint in some damage on some of the transfers when everything done just to help them blend in.

I have now built the skeleton so I will post another update tomorrow so check back soon.

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