Thursday, 27 March 2014

Army of the Month - Space Wolves and Imperial Knight

Hey everyone,

Last weekend I entered the army of the month competition at my local Games Workshop store, I was in there on the Friday and heard about it and on the Saturday I rocked up with my Knight and the Wolves and got set up ready for the judging.  There were some cool armies there but only about 7 of us in total as its not a big store, it did not take long for the store to fill up with people who had dropped in to see what was on display so I mingled into the crowd to cast my votes.  I think I chose the Sister of Battle counts as Chaos Slaanesh army as my primary and the Eldar as my secondary.

An hour after we had all setup the votes were in and I had managed to secure 1st place which I was very pleased about, I know it was not a huge victory but it's always fun to see people react positively towards my work and it was fun chatting to people and answering questions about my army.

I met some cool guys who I had not previously met and everyone was very friendly and seemed very positive about the whole experience, I cant make it to the next one but I will take my Orks or Imperial Guard down for the May competition.

I now have my Wolves and my Knight being displayed in the store cabinet until mid April which is both cool and scary as I have only just finished painting them and it freaks me out knowing that they are not locked up safely at home in my cabinet.  On the plus side they are getting seen by loads of people and that can only be a good thing, I guess I don't have any games setup for the next three weeks while I am wait for the new Imperial Guard codex to drop first.

I was asked to write a short mission statement.

My Knight is the one from House Raven.

Its cool to see so many Knights all on display.

I was lucky to find a snow themed tile in the store.

This army was very eye catching in deed.

Whats not to like about Howling Griffins?

Orks are always fun.

This army really caught my attention as the theme was cool and the conversions were abundant.

That's all for now check back soon.

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