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A Tale of Four Tabletops Part 2 - Grassy Plains

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I am back with a bit of a battle report that shows off my green hills themed table top which is made up of a mix of GW and Battlefield in a box terrain.  The game we played was my first official game of Escalation since its release which meant both me and my opponent could bring out the big guns.

We decided that in this game we would start slow and just use Lord of War units that don’t  have ranged D-Weapons,  I elected to use my Orks with their Stompa while my opponent used Imperial Fists and ignoring the rules restricting it to Imperial Guard armies only used a Baneblade.  The Stompa does have a D close combat weapon but it was going to have to get in very close to use that while weathering a ton of fire on the way in.

I set the points limit for this game by just fielding my 1500pts Ork Speed Freaks list with my Stompa bolted on bring the total up to 2270pts, my opponent then included the Baneblade and made up the rest of his points with Marines stuff.

The mission we rolled was called ULTIMATE LINEBREAKER!!!!!!...........which meant that all units could score linebreaker while Lords of War earned 2VP for each turn in which they ended the movement phase in an enemy deployment zone.

The secondary objectives were slay the warlord, linebreaker? (that’s a bit strange) and victory through attrition which gives you 1VP for each every three hull points that you strip off an enemy lord of war unit.

The deployment was Dawn of war and it states that whoever wins the roll for fist turn must setup and go first without the option to hand it over.

So I lost the roll and the Marines setup first and got the first turn which is never good for Orks but I was hoping the Stompa would be a large enough distraction to take some of the enemy fire away from the Boyz.

So many Dreadnoughts and Terminators is never good but at least its a low model count.

This Baneblade was scratch build by me on commission about a year before the GW release so I was glad to see that it still looks amazing on the table top.

As usual my Orks are short on space during deployment but they do look wicked all lined up gunning their engines.

 The Stompa needs no introduction, its big its got red on it and if you don't kill it quickly it will come and line dance all over your face.

The Marines turn one saw them move forwards all the while maintaining the gun line and blasting my Trukks.

One hull point was knocked off the Stompa, one down eleven to go.

The Orks turn one was not as good as it should have been as quite a few trukks had been destroyed but everyone did their best to move towards the enemy DZ.  The Warboss and his Nobs jumped out of their Battle Wagon ready to try and charge the Terminators.

The Baneblade suffered three hull points from the Stompa's Deff Cannon and a bunch of Terminators are also melted in the blast.

 The Warboss and the Nobs make it into combat and rip the terminators apart.

The Marines turn two starts with an all out assault on my left flank to try and break through the blockade I had created so we had Marines in the open.  

The Stompa takes a ton of fire in the shooting phase and is left with 6 hull points remaining.

During the assault phase the Marines who jumped out of the Land Raider somehow did nothing to my Trukk during the shooting or assault phase but my Battle Wagon is less fortunate and gets immobilized.  The Warboss and the remaining Nob are squashed by a Dreadnought thanks to a failed Cybork Body save on my Warboss.

In the Orks turn two the Stompa takes a right hand turn rather than heading straight for the Baneblade, I admit this seems like a bad idea and it would prove to be exactly that but at the time the temptation to use the Super Gattler on the Marines in the open was too great.

The now immobile Battle Wagon lets rip with a full broadside into the remaining Terminators for very little effect other than to look cool.
No things get a bit crazy from here on and the pictures stop rather abruptly, you might be wondering where the hell the Stompa and the Baneblade have gone?

In the Marines turn 3 the Stompa suffered a few good penetrating hits that then went on to knock 3 HP’s off each reducing the Stompa to zero hull points and then a roll on the  of a six sent it into meltdown but I don’t think anyone was close enough to suffer damage.  The Orks now found themselves in the enemy DZ with no plan of how to remain there in the face of a Baneblade and several marauding Dreadnoughts and without their fearless bubble.

The Orks turn three started on a low with me really having no idea what I was going to do from here on in, my Stompa was gone as were all my power claws and I was out in the open in the enemy DZ looking at a possible four more turns after this one with no support.  I opted to find some safe places to hide the boyz and then launched an assault on the Baneblade with a mob of 12 Boyz led by a Nob with a big chopper……………things were getting desperate.

The charge started well with me making it in without any problems and then things went totally bat-shit crazy, the Nob rolled 4D6 on the charge needing three or more to hit, he hit with all four, now remember the Baneblade has still got six hull points at thins point.  I then roll all four dice again and score one miss, two glances and a single penetrating hit……………………..this might just work I thought.  So that’s two hull points gone from the glances and one more from the pen, I roll on the damage chart for the pen and score a six, now by this time I really can’t quite believe what’s going on.  I then roll my D3 to see how many hull points I strip off and roll a five scoring three more and the Baneblade goes into meltdown blasting my boyz to dust before they can let out a victorious cheer.

Me and my opponent are now in a state of shock, how can both our lords of war be gone and its only turn three? Well the answer is that they really are not that hard to kill once you start getting a few good penetrating hits in and D-Weapons would do it event faster, maybe even in a single shot if you roll really well.

The rest of the game goes quickly after the loss of the big hitters, my Orks are in the enemy DZ being hunted down by Dreadnoughts while the enemy Marines on my right flank break through the blockade and move into my DZ and then start to shoot my boyz causing them to start falling back towards my DZ right into the enemy guns, there is no hope of victory for the Orks at this point.

The game ends after turn six with a solid 15/4 victory to the Marines.

We both decided that the game was great fun and that next time we will test out some ranged D-weapons and also build our lists with Escalation in mind rather than just bolting a lord of war unit onto an existing army list.  The missions seem to really help level the playing field giving in the case of this mission every unit the chance to score even if it can’t deal any damage to the super heavies.

I am hoping that my next battle report will be on my new Frontline Gaming battle mat as I hear it will be on its way today (06/03/2014) but I have no idea how long it will take to arrive from the US.  I am currently working on a unit of ten Legion of the Damned marines who I am calling my heavy metal marines so I will post up some pictures when they are all finished.  I have bought an Imperial Knight so look out for my WIP posts about that as they should be very cool, that model is amazing looking.

Right then that's all for now folks.

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