Thursday, 27 March 2014

Army of the Month - Space Wolves and Imperial Knight

Hey everyone,

Last weekend I entered the army of the month competition at my local Games Workshop store, I was in there on the Friday and heard about it and on the Saturday I rocked up with my Knight and the Wolves and got set up ready for the judging.  There were some cool armies there but only about 7 of us in total as its not a big store, it did not take long for the store to fill up with people who had dropped in to see what was on display so I mingled into the crowd to cast my votes.  I think I chose the Sister of Battle counts as Chaos Slaanesh army as my primary and the Eldar as my secondary.

An hour after we had all setup the votes were in and I had managed to secure 1st place which I was very pleased about, I know it was not a huge victory but it's always fun to see people react positively towards my work and it was fun chatting to people and answering questions about my army.

I met some cool guys who I had not previously met and everyone was very friendly and seemed very positive about the whole experience, I cant make it to the next one but I will take my Orks or Imperial Guard down for the May competition.

I now have my Wolves and my Knight being displayed in the store cabinet until mid April which is both cool and scary as I have only just finished painting them and it freaks me out knowing that they are not locked up safely at home in my cabinet.  On the plus side they are getting seen by loads of people and that can only be a good thing, I guess I don't have any games setup for the next three weeks while I am wait for the new Imperial Guard codex to drop first.

I was asked to write a short mission statement.

My Knight is the one from House Raven.

Its cool to see so many Knights all on display.

I was lucky to find a snow themed tile in the store.

This army was very eye catching in deed.

Whats not to like about Howling Griffins?

Orks are always fun.

This army really caught my attention as the theme was cool and the conversions were abundant.

That's all for now check back soon.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Workbench Update - Imperial Guard Scout Sentinel

Hey peeps,
With the new Imperial Guard codex only weeks away buying and painting anything new at this point in time would be crazy right?  Thankfully I only bought a single Sentinel and for the sole purpose of illuminating targets for my Manticore during those pesky night fighting games with its searchlight.  It was a bit off menu I admit but it only took me about 2 hours from start to finished and that includes building so there really is not much to report.

The kit was easy to work with apart from the legs which are almost annoyingly pose-able in that you cant just rush their construction if you only want them to be standing looking static.  They are fully jointed in two places with a ball joint at the ankle and a third joint at the hip where they join the main hull.  I decided to make mine look like it was going places as it was just as much effort as making it look boring.

It turned out looking cool though, I added the Autocannon for increased range and made sure the pilot was a Cadian to match the rest of the army, no Rambo's please.............well maybe Marbo.

With a bit of luck I will be back on the Legion of the Damned this Friday so I should have them finished soon, in the mean time check back soon.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Unboxing - Battlefield In a Box

I recently received some terrain that I pre-ordered a month or two ago from the new Battlefield in a Box range from GF9.

Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Ruined Fountain
Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Blasted Terrace
Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Buried Monument

Here are some pictures featuring my Wolf Scouts for scale purposes.

Buried Monument

Blasted Terrace
Ruined Fountain

I look am looking forward to getting these sets on the table top, they will likely feature in my Imperial Knight's debut battle on the Forgeworld Cityscape table.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knight Titan WIP Part 6


Hey guys and gals, that's right its all over I have finished my Imperial Knight and boy am I pleased with the outcome.  The armour all went on without any problems and once I had finished off a few little details and fixed a few joints in position I moved onto the base.  I have left the top carapace able to be removed and both of the weapons detach via magnets at the elbow and the arms still unlock from the main hull.  The face mask can be removed and I have painted the Mechanicum face underneath, the head will turn a little still but tbh the paint has frozen up most of its range.  The Reaper Chainsword still moves up and down and pivots like the main gun at the elbow, I was going to add a real chain to the banner but when I saw how well it glues in place I was not worried about it breaking off.  I sealed the whole model with GW Purity Seal and then used Ard Coat to gloss up the eyes, the window into the cockpit and the glass in oil level canisters on the Chainsword.

Well I wont keep you any longer, please enjoy the pictures.



I guess with this bad boy finished I can get back to painting Angron and the Legion of the Damned but first I think I will take the rest of the week off from painting to recharge.

Until next time goodbye.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knight Titan WIP Part 5

Hi, another quick update on my Knight, I did managed to get quite a lot done yesterday so here are some pix showing just some of what I got done.

I dressed up the base a little with a sand texture and then added some small rocks and while the Knight is not yet glued down I got the airbrush out and primed it in black.

Using the Airbrush I gave the whole model a base coat of Vallegio Model Air Gun Metal from an above 45 degree angle to keep some shadows.  I then added a highlight to the metal work this time using Vallegio Model Air Steel and then hand painted Balthasar Gold onto the smoke stacks, eagle heads and skulls.

Here I have applied a Nuln Oil shade/wash to the silver metal and Agrax Earthshade to the gold, I will be  adding more grease and oil details once the armour is on so I don't go wasting time painting details that wont be seen behind the armour plates.

 Since these pictures the armour has started to go on so check back tomorrow for another update.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knight Titan WIP Part 3

Hey there, the updates are coming in thick and fast now so this time its the transfers that are finished.  Now the last time I applied a transfer was way back in my Air-fix days when I was first introduced to scale modelling by my Dad and back then I always screwed them up :)

I was very glad that these transfers went on easy, I did have to cut small sections out of a few to get them to sit right but they all survived intact.

I plan to bring the armour back down to a mat finish, the gloss varnish really helped me get the transfers into position, those Forgeworld boys really know their stuff.

This banner had me worried but it turned out great, I might paint in some damage on some of the transfers when everything done just to help them blend in.

I have now built the skeleton so I will post another update tomorrow so check back soon.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knight Titan WIP Part 2

Hey there everyone, I am back with an update on how my Imperial knight is coming along.  I have now finished all of the external armour and weapons and the next stage will be the transfers before I move onto the skeleton.

Check back soon for my next update.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Workbench Progress - Imperial Knight Titan WIP Part 1

Hello again, today is just another quick update but this time its about my Imperial Knight, I have put the Legion of the Damned to one side while I get this thing finished.

I opted to work in reverse and rather than building the skeleton first and then painting the armour afterwards, I have started with the armour and external details.  I plan to get all the armour painted and with its transfers on before I move on to building the main body.  Once the main body is painted and based I will attach all these external bits and it will be finished and looking wicked.  I have gone for House Raven so expect lots of chevrons and Mechanicum livery.

I had a good read of the instructions to make sure I had all the bits I needed and only the skeleton was left on the frames.

A quick undercoat with airbrush and I was read to get started.

Once the upper carapace was finished the rest came together really quickly, I still have some armour drying so that will be my focus next.

Getting the chevrons straight was aided by Tamiya masking tape but it was still tricky.

I first sprayed the parts in Vallegio model air Steel before moving in the the GW base colours, I gave the metal work a wash in Nuln Oil and then added some Agraz Earthshade to the rivets before highlighting them in Runefang Steel.

The carapace is heavily weathered with paint chips, I found a picture of a beaten up old VW Love Bug (Herby) and replicated the effect, I generally don't edge highlight metal work in colours as metal does not behave like that so instead I go with weathering and chips.

I have magnetized the mask and the head so I can switch out the masks should I wish.

I took this picture after I had attached all of the hand rails, I had them painted separately and had to use a tiny drill bit to clean out the holes so the poly glue could make contact but they went on with any problems after that. 

So tonight I will weather and damage the last of the armour plates and paint the head and then its on to the Transfers so on Friday I might be able to build the skeleton.

Stay tunes for more updates.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Warhammer 40K Tournament in Reading Berkshire - Reading Ruckus

My local gaming club has had to stop hosting Warhammer 40K events this year due to dwindling attendance so please help bring 40K back to Reading by supporting this event.

Please spread the word and I hope to see you all there :)

Spiky Club Presents...Reading Ruckus!

Important updates are below, most importantly we had to change the date of the event bringing it forward one week to the 28th and the 29th of June.
I hope you can all still make it! We also reduced the ticket price to £30.

I have added List Submission, Simplified Army Composition including the allowance of Imperial Knights.
The details below are considered fixed and will be used for this event.
Please read through the event details and leave a post here with names if you are up for this.
Please also feel free to ask any questions here or at

For now I'm trying to accumulate interest, if you are interested in attending please let me know by replying to this thread.
Payment options will be updated to this post in the near future if we can get enough interest.

Address -
RPOSSC, 6 Richfield Avenue, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8EQ.

Directions -

We have 50 tickets available for this event!
Ticket Price is £30
Event date: 28th-29th of June 2014

Event Details: 2 Day event, 5 Games, 1650 points.

- A lunch baguette is included on both days within the ticket price.
(A menu will be available and advance orders will be taken closer to the event date).

- Tea and Coffee will be available each morning for free.

- The Bar will be open after 12 both days for a selection of beverages and snacks.

This event will use the UKGT FAQ:

Any rules query on the day unresolved by FAQ will be resolved by a T.O and the decision is final.

Missions & Set ups

1 ) Relic and The Emperors Will & Dawn of War

2 ) Big Guns Never Tire (4 objectives) & Hammer and Anvil

3 ) The Scouring & Vanguard Strike

4 ) Crusade (4 objectives) & Dawn of War

5 ) Purge The Alien & Hammer and Anvil

Timetable of the event:


9.00-9.15 Registration

9.15-12:00 Game 1

12:00-12.30 Lunch

12.30-15.15 Game 2

15.15-18.00 Game 3

18.00-18.15 Clear Down Tables


9.45-10.00 Registration

10.00-12.45 Game 4

12.45-13.15 Lunch

13.15-16.00 Game 5

16.00-16.30 Awards Ceremony

How the event runs:

The tournament will use the the Swiss Pairs system, games will be scored as follows;

Win = 3 Tournament points

Draw = 1 Tournament point

Loss = 0 Tournament points

Soft Scores:

Entire Army Painted and based to a minimum of 3 colours = 3 Tournament Points. (We expect everyone to score these 3 Points).

Army Composition:

Each player has 1650 points to create their force, and must follow all the rules for selecting your force as listed in the rulebook. Each player may also utilise the optional additions to the force organisation chart, such as allies and fortifications, following all the rules as listed in the Warhammer 40k rulebook and current 6th edition FAQ’s.

Please remember you can only spend up to and including 1650 points, not one point over.
You must use the same army list in all of your games.

ALL Codex's and Codex Supplements will be allowed up to one month of Tournament start date.
Only the official, latest edition of the codex’s may be used.

Additionally, units from forge world with the 40,000 approved stamp & special characters are also allowed, providing you have a copy of the rules for that choice, HOWEVER units with the experimental stamp may not be used.

Dataslate rules for characters ONLY can be used - Cypher, Be'lakor, etc.

We are not allowing Formations.
We are not using or allowing Stronghold and Escalation.

List Submission:

There is no list submission. Bring 2 copies of your list on the day, one to hand in to the Tournament Organisers Desk and one to show your opponent.

What should you bring:

40k Rulebook and all Codex/Rules for every unit in your army.
Dice, Tape measure, Templates, objective markers and anythig else you will need to play your army.

Prizes are as follows; This will be updated once the tournament gets the green light depending on attendance.

(To be updated)

1st place - Trophy & Potential additional prize depending on attendance.

2nd place - Trophy & Potential additional prize depending on attendance.

3rd place - Trophy & Potential additional prize depending on attendance.

Best Painted Army - Trophy & Potential additional prize depending on attendance.

The Wooden Spoon Award.

Additional Info:

We wish to encourage players of all types and experiences to come along and join in 2 days of 40k awesomeness!

We have an amazing venue that can hold over 50 players at The Spiky clubs home venue, The Social Club in Reading.

We will have a reserve list.

Please note that tickets are non refundable once purchased but can be exchanged with a player on the reserve list. This will be down to you to arrange and we must be updated in regards to any dropouts/exchanges of tickets.

Food Orders will be taken and announced here in the near future.

You will have a choice of Baguettes to order from our amazing local deli.
Any orders not placed will mean no lunch supplied.

We have an Open Bar for all Alchoholic bevearages, soft drinks and snacks.

Tournament Results and Pictures will be posted here and on the Spiky clubs facebook page.

I look forward to seeing as many of you here as possible.

Any Questions of any type can be asked here:

Workbench Progress - Spartan Games Terrain

Hey there, just a quick post today to show off some Spartan Games terrain I ordered to help dress up my Zone Mortalis table.  I had been looking for some cool looking creates and a Teleport pad for ages and had totally forgotten about the Spartan Games range of terrain.

It did not take long to find a few sets that would be perfect and within a week they turned up, at fist glance the packaging is very good, maybe a bit more flash than it needs to be but I guess if it sells models so be it.  The resin used to cast these mini's is good and strong and I did not find any defects and with a little bit of a clean up and a wash they were ready for priming.


Good clean casts not much clean up work to do.

The green perspex was a bit oh a pain to snap free but with a little care I managed not to crack any of them.

I was going to leave these for another day but once I got stuck in I soon had them all painted up in no time using Vallejo Model Air colours and a cosponsoring wash using GW shades.

I think you will agree they look wicked on the Mortalis tiles.

Here you can see the scale against the Wolf Scouts.

Gunfights will be cool amongst this set for sure.

I can see this central column coming in handy as a primary objective marker.

Well like I said just a quick post, I need to get back on and finish my Legion of the Damned squad before something else distracts me from them.