Monday, 17 February 2014

Workbench Update - Wolf Scouts

Hey there, I'm back with a quick update on what I have been up to during this last week.

With a four player Zone Mortalis game being hosted at my place this weekend I spent most of last week painting a pack of ten Space Wolves boltgun scouts which I intend to field on the day.  These models were the very last of my unpainted Space Wolves so that really is as they say that.

This lot were quick and easy to paint, here are the colours I used.

Undercoat - Vallejo Black (primer). 
Armour - Fenrisian Grey (layer).
Undersuit - Zandri Dust (base), Agrax Earthshade (shade).
Holsters and pouches and weapons - Abaddon Black (base).
Metal details and weapons - Leadbelcher (base), Nuln Oil (shade).
Crests and skulls - Balthasar Gold (base), Agrax Earthshade (shade).
Hair & Beards - Rhinox Hide (base), Mournfang Brown (base), Steel Legion Drab (base), Agrax Earthshade (shade). 
Skin - Bugmans Glo (base), Cadian Fleshtone (layer), Kislev Flash (layer), Ushabti Bone (layer), Agrax Earthshade (shade).
Eyes - Pallid Witch Flesh (layer), Abaddon Black (base).
Base - Steel Legion Drab, Mechanicus Standard Grey (base), Dawnstone (layer), Administratum Grey (layer). 

I do plan to take a bunch of cool pictures of the Mortalis game and do a bit of a report next week as all four armies will be 1000pts and fully painted, take a look at last years Mortalis game here.

I think the outstretched boltgun arm is from the Landspeeder Storm set.

This flamer is from the old Tactical Marine box set and with some conversion work I have managed to magnetise the right hand and the weapon so I can have him hold any of the special weapon options.

The torso and reloading arms on this scout are again from the Land Speeder Storm set.

This week I have been working on some Forgeworld doors for the Zone Mortalis game so I will put some pictures of those out later this week.

Check back next week for a full post all about the Mortalis game.

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