Sunday, 9 February 2014

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Finished

Well it's been nine months in the making but my Space Wolves army is finally finished....

I have been head down painting my ass off for weeks now and that has left little time for posting any workbench updates or news despite all the crazy stuff that I know has been going on in the hobby.

I decided to make a sprint for the finish working on the last Grey Hunter and Long Fang pack and accompanying Drop Pods all at the sane time.  I am now ready for Rapid Strike which is the first of my local events down here in Reading, and intend to take this army to the Star Smash, Reading Warfare and Octobers Battlefield Birmingham events.

So what's next? you might ask, well I have another 4 player Zone Mortalis game planned for the 22nd of Feb and for that I need to get ten Boltgun Wolf Scouts painted up, but I do have a week off work between now and then so it wont be a problem.  Then I have plans to start painting my way through the Primarchs that have come out so far, beginning with Angron who I have already built.

Once I have recharged my batteries a little I do plan to open myself up for small commissioned painting projects just to get a feel for it and help some people out who have already already shown interest.  I have spent the last 13 months painting up literally all my loose ends and must have painted about 300 individual models in the last six months alone so that has set the bench mark of what I am capable of.  Writing this blog has aloud me to build up a good body of work that people can take a look through if they are interested in me taking on a project for them.

Anyway enough about me, lets take a look at the army in full.

Painting eight Drop Pods was hard going for sure.

All that hard work was worth it though as the army does look cool.

Wolf Priest with combi plasma front

Wolf Priest with combi plasma rear

Rune Priest with bolt pistol and force staff front.

Rune Priest rear.

Dreadnought and Wolfguard with combi melta's.

Rune Priest with Wolfguard with combi plasma's.

Grey Hunters packs 1 and 2 led by Wolfguard Terminators. 

More Grey Hunters packs 3 and 4 led again by Wolfguard Terminators .

And finally the Long Fangs.

It feels good to have all three of my armies full painted but its going to be very different for me not having loads of things hanging around needing painting, I need to get used to taking more time over painting models and finishing them to a higher standard.

Keep an eye out for my Wolf Scouts post and then I guess it will be Angron.

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