Monday, 3 February 2014

Workbench Progress - Planetstrikes Blastscape

I was rooting around in my loft and found these bad boys,

I thought these were from Apocalypse in its first incarnation but it turns out they were released along side Planetstrike, you remember that expansion none of us ever played. 

I bought this set on ebay before Christmas after keeping an eye out for some for freaking ages, I knew I should have bought them when they first came out but at the time I was all like "these are wicked GW would be fools to stop making them right?".

Well I figured as I have a load of moonscape craters already painted up and flocked these could be painted to match my badlands table so this Saturday I got down to work and knocked them out in no time at all.

The obligatory bomb craters, very grim dark.

Armageddon much.

Some kind of UFO maybe?

I literally have no clue WTF this is meant to be but it looks cool all weathered up with Typhus Corrosion and Riza Rust

Lava Java!

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