Sunday, 23 February 2014

A Tale of Four Tabletops Part 1 - Zone Mortalis

Hi all, as promised I am reporting on the big four player Zone Mortalis game I hosted at my place this weekend so without further ado lets get on with it.

Points Limit: 1000pts using the Zone Mortalis FOC restrictions.

Mission: I decided that we would use the advent calendar mission called Carnage slightly modified for use in the Zone Mortalis environment.

Primary Objective: Center objective worth 2D6 victory points to which ever side holds it at the end of the game, also if more than one side were in contact with it the victory points were split.  You will notice in the pictures that the center objective looks a bit strange well its a portable Bluetooth speaker that we used to play music for most of the game until the batteries ran out.

Secondary Objectives: Fist Blood which obviously can only be scored once and then Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker which could be scored from each player once.

Mysterious Terrain: We added a number of tree bases to one of the tiles as a hydroponics bay and we rolled on the mysterious forest table before the game to determine what effects it would have, we rolled a 2 for Brainleaf Fronds.

Archeotech Artifact: To keep things interesting we rolled on the Archeotech table at the start of the game to see what the Primary Objective was.  When it came time to roll a Degenerative Terraforming Node came up causing all terrain within 6" of the objective to be treated as both difficult and dangerous terrain and this effect would activate once the objective was captured for the first time.

Notes: Outflanking was not permitted.

The Armies

Space Wolves 1000pts.

Imperial Fists Sentinels of Terra 1000pts

Chaos Space Marines with Ork allies 1000pts.

Craftworld Eldar 1000pts.

Models of Special Interest

 Space Marine Librarian.

Space Marine Chaplain.

Nurgle Terminator.

 Tzeentch Terminator.

Khorne Terminator. 

Slaanesh Terminator.

Killer Kanz.


Sentinels of Terra turn one.

The Imperial Fists moved up and formed a strong gun line of Terminator armour, some shots were fired in the direction of the Eldar knocking one wound off a Wraithlord.

Eldar turn one.

The Eldar open fire on the Imperial Fists causing a unit to break and fall back.

Chaos and Space Wolves turn one.

The Chaos forces move forwards and to their right, the Space Wolves advance the Grey Hunters with the Wolf Priest attached then the Wolf Guard Terminators move up on the left flank.  

The Wolf Scouts open a large blast door and open fire on the Terminators who had fallen back in the Eldar turn causing to fall back again.

Sentinels of Terra and Eldar turn two.

Both side receive some reserves, there is not a lot of movement and while both sides do trade fire very little damage is sustained by either side.

Da Boyz.

The Chaos forces kick off turn two with the arrival of their Ork Allies.

Chaos and Space Wolves turn two.

The Chaos Marines move up so both large blast doors are guarded while the Orks race up close behind looking to take a right hand turn.  

The Space Wolves also receive a unit of Grey Hunters from reserves who had an inquisitor attached, they moved up behind the first Grey Hunter pack. 

The Scouts move through the open blast door closing it behind them, then the forward Grey Hunter pack moves up and open the 2nd Blast door to face the Chaos vanguard.  The Scouts shoot at the Terminator unit left of the doorway while the Grey Hunters use their flamers and pistols to soften up a squad of Chaos Marines.

 In the Assault phase the Scouts make it into combat with the Terminators and the Grey Hunters end up engaging and destroying the Chaos Marines scoring First Blood.

Sentinels of Terra turn three. 

The Imperial Fists reform their gunline and fire at the Eldar and then in the assault phase they charge the Wolf Scouts destroying them without suffering any casualties.

Eldar turn three.

The Eldar received their remaining reserves and then seemed to do a lot of  manoeuvring while shooting at the Imperial Fists to keep them pinned down.

Chaos turn three.

The Chaos and Ork units continue to move forwards and then during the shooting phase Huron and his unit of Terminators destroy the remaining Grey Hunters and then assault the Wolf Priest slaying him and scoring Slay the Warlord.

Space Wolves turn three.

The last of the Space Wolf reserves arrive and move up their right flank towards the Chaos deployment zone.  In the shooting phase the Inquisitor led Grey hunters and the Wolf Guard Terminators fire on Huron and his unit causing only one kill.  In the assault phase the Wolf Guard assault Hurons unit managing to kill two more terminators but suffering two casualties themselves but remaining locked in combat.

Sentinels of Terra and Eldar turn four.

I must have been out of the room during these two turns so this is the only picture I have.  The Imperial Fists break out sending two thirds of their units towards the Eldar line while the rest make a B-Line for the primary objective.  When the Eldar turn four rolls around they find the Imperial Fists in the open and give them no quarter, once the smoke clears the Imperial Fists had suffered massive losses and there was now an Eldar Avatar standing guard over the Primary Objective.

Chaos turn four.

The Chaos forces show that they are still in the fight by bursting into the objective room and stripping two wounds off of the Avatar with Plasma Guns and a hail of mass reactive bolts.

Space Wolves turn four.

Mirroring the Chaos Marines assault the Grey Hunters open a Blast Door and unleash a storm of plasma and bolts into the Avatar taking off another two wounds and leaving it on only one.  Meanwhile Hurons Terminators are destroyed at the cost of two more wolf Guard leaving one still locked in combat with a lone Huron. 

Sentinels of Terra turn five.

The Imperial Fists managed to bring down the Avatar scoring them Slay The Warlord and then consolidated onto the Primary Objective thus activating the Degenerative Terraforming Node for the remainder of the game.

Eldar turn five.
Turn five sees the Eldar strike out during the movement phase to claim two Linebreaker points with Jetbikers. In the shooting phase the Eldar find themselves besieged on all sides with no shortage of targets  and get to work spreading the damage across all three opposing forces with the Chaos Marines suffering the worst of it.

Chaos turn five.
They have taken 4 turns of moving and running to get in position but the killer Kanz finally enter the Primary Objective room and open up with their scrap cannons on a unit of  Fire Dragons scoring a huge amount of wounds and leaving only two alive.  They then weather the reaction fire and make it into close combat destroying the last of the Fire Dragons.  The Space Wolves have their turn five and spend it securing Linebreaker on the Chaos forces and losing the last of the Wolf Guard to Huron who had proved himself to be a very dangerous adversary indeed.

It fell to our Imperial Fists (Sentinels of Terra) player to roll and see if there was a turn six and as the fates would have it there was no turn six and the game ended.  The Imperial Fists had sacrificed everything to claim the Primary Objective leaving only the Chaplain and three Tactical Marines alive.  It was now time to determine how many victory points the Primary Objective would pay out and if I remember rightly a double 4 was rolled so it was a clear victory to the Imperial Fists with 8 victory points.

I have received very positive feedback from everyone involved so I think I can write this game up and a great success so  hope you all enjoy the pictures, as ever any comments are welcome and don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or suggestions.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Workbench Progress - The Doors

With a big Zone Mortalis game this weekend I figured I would get all my new doors painted up ready, There is really not much I can say about door other than these are in keeping with the theme and easy enough to put together and quick to paint.  I used my airbrush and a vallejo Model Air Steel to paint all the doors and frames, I then painted the centre panels of each door in Mechanicum Standard Grey.  Next came Balthasar Gold which I used on all of the Aquila details, the doors themselves were now done barring the final wash.  Then came the frames and to continue the theme of the Mortalis tiles I have already painted I used Steel Legion Drab on the floor panels of each frame and then used Abaddon black on the access panel screens.  Finally I applied a wash/shade mix of Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Druchii Violet over everything and once that was dry I blasted it all with a layer of Purity Seal and I was done.      

Doors starting to come together.

Small doors in base colours.

Large Doors in base colours.

Small doors finished after a wash and a coat of varnish.

Large doors finished after a wash and a coat of varnish.

Look out for my battle report next week covering the Mortalis game.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Workbench Update - Wolf Scouts

Hey there, I'm back with a quick update on what I have been up to during this last week.

With a four player Zone Mortalis game being hosted at my place this weekend I spent most of last week painting a pack of ten Space Wolves boltgun scouts which I intend to field on the day.  These models were the very last of my unpainted Space Wolves so that really is as they say that.

This lot were quick and easy to paint, here are the colours I used.

Undercoat - Vallejo Black (primer). 
Armour - Fenrisian Grey (layer).
Undersuit - Zandri Dust (base), Agrax Earthshade (shade).
Holsters and pouches and weapons - Abaddon Black (base).
Metal details and weapons - Leadbelcher (base), Nuln Oil (shade).
Crests and skulls - Balthasar Gold (base), Agrax Earthshade (shade).
Hair & Beards - Rhinox Hide (base), Mournfang Brown (base), Steel Legion Drab (base), Agrax Earthshade (shade). 
Skin - Bugmans Glo (base), Cadian Fleshtone (layer), Kislev Flash (layer), Ushabti Bone (layer), Agrax Earthshade (shade).
Eyes - Pallid Witch Flesh (layer), Abaddon Black (base).
Base - Steel Legion Drab, Mechanicus Standard Grey (base), Dawnstone (layer), Administratum Grey (layer). 

I do plan to take a bunch of cool pictures of the Mortalis game and do a bit of a report next week as all four armies will be 1000pts and fully painted, take a look at last years Mortalis game here.

I think the outstretched boltgun arm is from the Landspeeder Storm set.

This flamer is from the old Tactical Marine box set and with some conversion work I have managed to magnetise the right hand and the weapon so I can have him hold any of the special weapon options.

The torso and reloading arms on this scout are again from the Land Speeder Storm set.

This week I have been working on some Forgeworld doors for the Zone Mortalis game so I will put some pictures of those out later this week.

Check back next week for a full post all about the Mortalis game.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Finished

Well it's been nine months in the making but my Space Wolves army is finally finished....

I have been head down painting my ass off for weeks now and that has left little time for posting any workbench updates or news despite all the crazy stuff that I know has been going on in the hobby.

I decided to make a sprint for the finish working on the last Grey Hunter and Long Fang pack and accompanying Drop Pods all at the sane time.  I am now ready for Rapid Strike which is the first of my local events down here in Reading, and intend to take this army to the Star Smash, Reading Warfare and Octobers Battlefield Birmingham events.

So what's next? you might ask, well I have another 4 player Zone Mortalis game planned for the 22nd of Feb and for that I need to get ten Boltgun Wolf Scouts painted up, but I do have a week off work between now and then so it wont be a problem.  Then I have plans to start painting my way through the Primarchs that have come out so far, beginning with Angron who I have already built.

Once I have recharged my batteries a little I do plan to open myself up for small commissioned painting projects just to get a feel for it and help some people out who have already already shown interest.  I have spent the last 13 months painting up literally all my loose ends and must have painted about 300 individual models in the last six months alone so that has set the bench mark of what I am capable of.  Writing this blog has aloud me to build up a good body of work that people can take a look through if they are interested in me taking on a project for them.

Anyway enough about me, lets take a look at the army in full.

Painting eight Drop Pods was hard going for sure.

All that hard work was worth it though as the army does look cool.

Wolf Priest with combi plasma front

Wolf Priest with combi plasma rear

Rune Priest with bolt pistol and force staff front.

Rune Priest rear.

Dreadnought and Wolfguard with combi melta's.

Rune Priest with Wolfguard with combi plasma's.

Grey Hunters packs 1 and 2 led by Wolfguard Terminators. 

More Grey Hunters packs 3 and 4 led again by Wolfguard Terminators .

And finally the Long Fangs.

It feels good to have all three of my armies full painted but its going to be very different for me not having loads of things hanging around needing painting, I need to get used to taking more time over painting models and finishing them to a higher standard.

Keep an eye out for my Wolf Scouts post and then I guess it will be Angron.