Friday, 31 January 2014

Unboxing - Battlefield in a Box

Hey there, it's been a while since my last post but I have been working on my next 6 posts and it was not until today that all my new stuff for this post finally arrived so without further ado lets get on with the show.

With my Orks and Imperial Guard now fully painted and my Space Wolves only half a drop pod away from completion (expect a big projects end post very soon) my attention has moved to terrain and increasing my complement of interesting scatter terrain.  With my Frontline Gaming Blast Zone Megamat likely to arrive at some point during Feb I wanted to have some new scatter terrain to use on it and I still have a green GW battle mat that needs some more terrain coverage.

If you have been following this blog you will have seen my wicked Forgeworld Cityscape and Zone Mortalis tables and I wanted to make my scatter terrain tables looks at least almost as good.  

After a few weeks of searching online I settled on the Gale Force Nine Battlefield in a Box range of terrain sets, they are pre painted and the reviews I had seen on various blogs and on Youtube were very interesting.

I quickly discovered that there were several sets of this terrain available now and some that were older and much harder to get hold of and a whole new range arriving in Jan 2014 so I had to act fast if I was to have any chance of gathering up at least one of everything from the following ranges.

Battlefield in a Box - Hall of Heroes - The Grand Vestibule
Battlefield in a Box - Hall of Heroes - The Broken Facade
Battlefield in a Box - Hall of Heroes - Crumbling Remnants
Battlefield in a Box - Hall of Heroes - The Gallery of Valour
Battlefield in a Box - Hall of Heroes - Ruined Columns

Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Ruined Wall
Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Small Corner Ruin
Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Medium Corner Ruin
Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Large Corner Ruin

Battlefield in a Box - Summer - Woods
Battlefield in a Box - Autumn - Woods
Battlefield in a Box - Rocky Outcrops

Battlefield in a Box - Badlands - Rocks
Battlefield in a Box - Badlands - Plateau
Battlefield in a Box - Badlands - Bluff

Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Crumbling Corner (only sold in UK for now)
Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Fallen Angel (only sold in UK for now)

I have managed to get one of all of the above and those below I am still looking for, well the craters I will likely give a miss as I have loads on GW moon scape craters and Apocalypse V1 craters already.

Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Craters (only sold in UK for now)
Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Ruined Fountain (only sold in USA for now)
Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Blasted Terrace (only sold in USA for now)
Battlefield in a Box - Gothic - Buried Monument (only sold in USA for now)

I have used the ruined walls set to dress up the perimeter of each of the corner ruins, the small ruin also includes a 6" section of the wall set.

 The hall of heroes sets work so well together to make some very impressive structures.

Here I have mixed the new Crumbling Corner and Ruined Columns set to increase coverage.

This set makes a nice line of sight blocker.

The Fallen Angel makes a nice bit of area terrain while also blocking line of sight to infantry and maybe even a Rhino sized vehicle.

Metal models might not want to venture above the first floor of the large corner ruin as it really is massively tall. 

The small and medium ruins look really cool when accompanied by some of the ruined wall sections.

I can see me getting a few more of the Plateau and Bluff sets for my Blast Zone table, the Badlands Rocks set is really hard to get hold of now, seriously its like rocking horse shit rare.

I have never been a big fan on woods but these two sets look really good on the table top, the coverage is good and the colours are great.

These rocks are hard to get hold of now also and strangely are one of my favorite sets of all.

The three above sets are on my list of sets to obtain by any means from the US if possible.

I am not going to pick this set up.

I plan to write a post for the green and blast zone mat tables soon which will also show some pictures from games played on them and comments from the combatants on the effectiveness and overall look of the terrain.  I this stuff is really nice and very strong I would recommend it to anyone who has the cash and really does not want to spend their hobby time building and painting terrain, I have Primarchs to start painting and did not want to get bogged down with terrain building again.

Well thats all for now, check back soon.


  1. These look really fantastic all laid out like this. I'm new to the hobby and haven't gotten into terrain yet. Have you ever heard anyone consider it "cheating" to get terrain this finished? There are some fantastic tutorials on terrain-making-and-painting, but personally, I think pre-made terrain is great. I have some GW terrain, but I have no idea when I'll get around to building and painting it, since my armies have to take priority.

  2. Well as someone who has both built terrain from scratch and used GW terrain in the past I feel that there is no right or wrong when it comes to terrain. Do what feels right for you as terrain can be a chore so if you don't enjoy building it I think it's fine to get finished stuff when the quality is this good.

    For me right now this stuff is wicked fun as it looks sweet and it lets me focus my hobby energy elsewhere. Not having to get back into building terrain means I managed to de-box clean and undercoat Angron today :) but more on that soon.

    So to sum up its your hobby so don't let anyone else dictate how you go about it :)

  3. Yeah.. i just love to play mostly so I bought a couple of these. They are awesome and now I'm modding them slightly to fit with my winter board. (I'm playing a lot of Dust Warfare atm)