Saturday, 14 December 2013

Workbench Progress - Fortifications

Hey everyone, in light of the new technical paints and now the Stronghold Assault release I have gone back and weathered my Aegis defence line, Bastion and Skyshield landing pad to add some more character and pick out some of the details so they don't look so flat.  

I started off with the new Nihilakh Oxide wash to give the gold details a weathered effect, using a detail brush I painted it directly into the recesses and within ten minutes it was dry and the effect was exactly as advertised. 

Next I broke out another of the new washes called Typhus Corrosion, using a medium sized washing brush I applied it specifically and liberally to the areas painted in Leadbelcher.  This wash contains a very fine grit that adheres to the surface of a models in patches leaving a raised texture and makes metalwork look really weather beaten.  

It was now time to test out the new dry paint Ryza Rust, now at 1st glance this paint looks crazy bright but if you take a leap of faith you won't be disappointed.  This paint works great in conjunction with Typhus Corrosion as it gets picked up by the texture and  like the guy in the GW tutorial video says less is definitely more. Like the man says many light passes rather than one heavy application is best, repeating until you are happy you have achieved the required effect.

I then went weathering mad and applied all of these effects to my Quad-Gun, and Icarus Lascannon.

Then I moved swiftly on to my Bastion which now looks like it's been left out in the rain for a decade.

The Skyshield was up next and using Typus Corrosion in the recesses has really created more depth while  Ryza Rust has picked out the details.  I added some more gold details so I could make more use of Nihilakh Oxide, I did try not to go over the top on the Skyshield as I did not want to spoil all the good work I did using the airbrush but it was left looking a little flat before the weathering.

So the end result is that I have a great looking Imperial Stronghold that I plan to bring to the table top very soon no doubt populated by Imperial Guardsmen.

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