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Battle Report - Imperial Guard Vs Space Marines With Guard Allies

Hey there, I managed to get down to my local gaming club on Thursday night to have my final 40K game of 2013.  I thought I would go out in style so I took my 1500pts of pure Imperial Guard............well I a say pure I did include Inquisitor Coteaz as my warlord.  I had no idea what army I would be facing as the guy I was playing has quite a few different factions so I made sure I loaded up on Flamers, Auto/Lascannons as well as some anti-air and barrage to cover all the bases.

Aegis Defence Line
Company Command Squad - Nade Launcher x3
Platoon Command Squad - Nade Launcher x3
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Heavy Weapon Squad - Lascannon x3
Platoon Command Squad - Nade Launcher x3
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Heavy Weapon Squad - Lascannon x3
Platoon Command Squad - Nade Launcher x3
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Heavy Weapon Squad - Lascannon x3
Veteran Squad - Meltagun x2
Vendetta Gunship
Manticore - Heavy Flamer

That's 101 bases and two vehicles all fully painted,

Mission: Relic
Deployment: Vanguard Strike

I lost the toss to choose what side of the board I would deploy on but I was the only one of us with a fortification so as it was relic I deployed it so it would be where I would need it at the start of my 2nd turn.  I started by deploying it parallel and 3" away from the relic and then curved it back towards my left flank and back to my DZ, this would prove pivotal to my plan.

Then we started taking turns deploying the terrain, I started by selecting terrain that would help me deploy as many of my infantry in defilade and then moved beyond my DZ to set up kill zones and fire lanes to make the most of all the guns I was packing. My opponent chose some hard cover in his DZ to offer protection to his Dreadnoughts and left enough space for his infantry to move unhindered all be it a little exposed.

I was rolling like crap and my opponent won the toss and decided to set up 1st and go 1st so he deployed a huge blob of  I think 20 or 30 Guardsmen lead by a Commissar Lord and a Marine Captain with a Platoon Command Squad close by.  There was a MOF leading a Veteran Squad close to the Dreadnoughts so he could repair them.  Two ten man Tactical Squad then deployed, one combat squaded with one half deploying on the roof of the Bastion while the other deployed behind a wall on his right flank, the remaining full squad deployed in the open on his left flank.  Now I think about he also had a Xenos Inquisitor who was also attached to the Blog Squad.  There were no units in reserve and no infiltrators which was totally out of character for this particular opponent and I thought it strange at the time.

The enemy are quite literally amassing at my gates. 

Sure moral is good now but the screaming and the dying has yet to start.

I managed to mitigate the enfilading fire that might come from these guys and their Plasma Cannon.

Due to us both forgetting that night fighting was in effect we had to replay the 1st turn of the game so I had no time to take a photo of my deployment.  I have illustrated where my units started before my 1st turn of movement.  I was meant to be going 2nd but I did intend to try and seize and I would have a re-roll thanks to Coteaz.  As you can see I deployed all my heavy weapons in positions that would provide defilade and elevation where possible to improve survivability and LOS, I then formed a solid gunline that extended the full length of my DZ and placed my artillery at the rear.  Unlike my opponent I had reserves that included Marbo and a Veteran Squad in a Vendetta Gunship.  

I got lucky and seized with a natural 6 on my 1st attempt so I was very happy about that. 

My plan from the start was obviously to capture the relic and hold on to it and with night fighting in play shooting was not going to be that effective.  I moved the 20 man Blob Squad commanded by Coteaz towards the relic with the intention of having them run and hopefully get up behind the Aegis ready for the start of turn 2.  I had my three Platoon Command Squads move up in support as my Infantry Squads wheeled round on my left flank to put some enfilading fire down on my opponent.  My shooting was way more effective than I had expected and I managed to immobilize one of the Dreadnoughts, exploded a 2nd and stunned a 3rd. 

My opponent then began to move towards me with all of his units but with all of the Dreadnoughts either out of range, LOS or stunned the only supporting fire was from the Plasma Cannon on the roof of the Bastion which did manage to kill  a single Lascannon base.

My turn two rolled round and Marbo arrived on my right flank to attack the Tactical Squad and Coteaz cast Prescience on his unit.  In the movement phase I continued to work my way round the left flank to keep the pressure on and get close enough to score Line Breaker while at the same time moving my Platoon Command Squads up in support.

 When it came time for shooting I was in a very strong position and could put a lot of fire down on those units moving through the open towards the relic.  Firstly I managed to order my wounded lascannon squad back into the fight so they could contribute to the shooting, then I fired the Manticore at the obvious target which was the Blob Squad.  I scored myself two shots on my D3 roll, I then rolled only a little scatter as I still had LOS at this point and destroyed about half of the Blob but was unable to pin them due them being stubborn and having so many leadership 10 IC's attached.  The rest of my shooting was directed towards the five Marines advancing on my left flank and the lead models in the Blob Squad.  Marbo managed to kill two Marines on my right flank and my Lascannons took some more hull points from the Dreadnoughts.  I felt I had not done enough damage to stop the advanced on the relic but I had blunted it and this would help me when  it came time to repel the inevitable assault in my opponents turn 2.

Sure enough in my opponents turn 2 he moved forwards and then what remained of the five Space Marines captured the relic, I lost most of a Platoon Command Squad who held their ground, Marbo was vaporised by a Multi Melta and that annoying Plasma Cannon killed another Lascannon base but this time it was from a squad on the roof of my building but still they held their ground.  Then it came, the blob declared the charge and despite my Blob having had prescience cast on them my overwatch fire was pretty ineffective.  The charge was good and the fact they were crossing difficult terrain did not seem to hinder them at all, things just got very real as this squad were packing Rad Grenades, a Commissar Lord, a Regular Commissar and an Inquisitor and if all this was not bad enough a Space Marine Captain.  Despite my best efforts I was destined to lose this fight and only Coteaz and a hand full of Guardsmen survived, they were stubborn so they remained locked in combat.

My turn 3 was ushered in by the arrival of my Vendetta upon which were embarked my Veteran Squad whos job it was to snatch the relic before making a dash for the relative safety of the Aegis, of cause all of this depended on their Vendetta weathering a turn of enemy fire first.  Coteaz cast Prescience on his own unit and Precognition upon himself.  During the movement phase I kept my squads on the left flank moving into the enemy DZ while snap firing their Autocannon and then made sure the rest of my infantry were in place to form a firing squad once the combat Coteaz was still locked in resolved its self.  I kicked off the shooting phase by using my Manticore to blast a  squad of enemy veterans off the table leaving the MOF standing all alone.  Then I layed into the Marines on my right flank with Lascannons and Grenade Launchers and managed to get them to break and fall back.  The Coteaz combat continued for another turn leaving all but one Autocannon base and Coteaz slain but again they were stubborn and thus held on.  At this point I was ready to throw down the life of Coteaz and his men and have him die in my opponents next turn so could shoot the survivors in my subsequent turn. 

My opponents turn three saw the Marines who fell back regroup move 3" then have their full movement and end up about 1" from the relic, then came the Coteaz combat in which a Commissar Lord with a Power Fist called Coteaz out, I accepted knowing full well that this challenge would likely end in a double KO.  We both rolled our attacks together at initiative one, I was re-rolling to hit and wound, we both scored enough good hits and then enough wounds to kill one another, the Commissar kindly failed his Refractor Field saves and it was all over.  I had given away Slay the Warlord but the death of Coteaz would not be in vain.  

My turn 4 started with the Vendetta moving 6" and the Veterans Squad disembarking right onto the relic as planned, I then through as much fire as I could at those who had slain Coteaz a turn earlier and not even the Marine Captain survived.  The veterans were given the order to 1st rank fire 2nd rank fire at the Marines and then those units that could still shoot also targeted the Marines wiping them out.

When my opponents turn 4 came round we were pushed for time due to the mix up during turn one so the pictures had to stop.  With not much in the way of effective units left on the table I think I only lost the Vendetta to the very lucky Multi Melta hit and as it was only hovering it did not crash land but instead  exploded taking a number of Guardsmen from the Veterans and nearby units with it.

My turn 5 was very quick in deed, I had the Veterans move behind the Aegis with the relic and then pushed all my other units forwards using running to get right into the enemy DZ for Line Breaker so for me it was nothing else to do really.

The 5th and final turn of the game was I think abandoned due to there being nothing that could be done to halt my victory so we called it a night and packed up as fast as we could before we got locked in for the night. 


6/1 to my Imperial Guard having scored, Line Breaker, Slay the Warlord, 1st Blood and capturing the relic while my opponent held on to the Slay the Warlord for killing Coteaz.

RIP Inquisitor Coteaz

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