Friday, 15 November 2013

Workbench Progress - Vlka Fenryka

Since my last post I have been hard at work getting in some more games with my Space Wolves to ensure that they are still on track as a competitive army.  The good news is that they have hardly lost me a game since I started using them and my most recent two games have scored me very solid victories with me almost tabling my opponents.

As I am sure that nobody wants to see another identical set of pictures showing another Grey Hunter pack I will instead show off the painted units in my army as a whole.  I am now more than half way to completing the army and with only three units and the external details of three Drop Pod left to finish I am on track and should have them all finished in the next three months.

Wolf Priest

Wolfguard x7 - Combi Plasma x7, Terminator Armour x2, Drop Pod
Wolfguard x7 - Combi Melta x7, Terminator Armour x2, Drop Pod
Dreadnought - Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

Grey Hunters x8 - Plasma Gun x1, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x8 - Plasma Gun x1, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x8 - Meltagun x1, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x8 - Meltagun x1, Drop Pod

Long Fangs x5 - Missile Launcher x4, Drop Pod

I think this lot is a few points over 1500pts so I need to shave some points somewhere, tbh I don't use the Terminators in most of the games I play but as I painted them 1st and they look great I thought it a waste not to field them.

I have two more ten man Grey Hunter packs and a five man Long Fang pack and the external detail on three Drop Pods left to paint so I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

I pre-ordered the Inquisitor codex so I will be downloading that at mid-night, I will drop a quick post all about it over the next few days but for now...

Fenris Hjolda!

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