Sunday, 24 November 2013

Workbench Progress - More Grey Hunters

Hey 40K fans, I'm back with another Space Wolves update, these guys are really coming along fast now, why only today I was admirring how my case now contains considerably more painted models than unpainted.

I finished another 5 Grey Hunters this Friday which leaves 15 more Grey Hunters and 5 Long Fangs before my army is finished and ready for an event.  

I am still concerned about my total lack of skyfire but until I get a codex update there is very little I can do without  maybe adding some Guard allies and dropping some Wolf Packs but to be honest flyers are quite easy to out maneuver unless they are Helldrakes.

From left to right, base coat, base colours and finished model.

Here is the five models all base coloured awaiting their washes and basing.

All five finished.

These are the 2nd half of the pack above so thats this next weeks hobby time taken care of.

I think another month and I might have the last of the Grey Hunters finished and then i can start the Long Fangs and hey would be a welcome change from Grey Hunters :)

I might spend an evening finishing my last Dreadfleet ship just to mix things up a bit so look out for that one.

I will check in again soon so in the mean time keep an eye out for bugs as I hear the Tyranids are coming soon.

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