Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Product Review - Codex Inquisition

Hey everyone, I have had Codex Inquisitor for five days now and I think I have absorbed it all now.  I really only wanted this codex so I could include an Inquisitor in my Guard/Eldar allies army so I could use the Inquisitor as my Warlord instead of the very squishy Company Command Squad.

At first glance this codex mostly consisted of cut and pasted units from codex Grey Knights, and while the option to build your own Inquisitor has been included the wargear options for each of the three Ordos are far more limited that I had hoped. 

I had hoped to be able to field an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with Artificer Armour, Daemon Hammer, Storm Shield then load up on some exotic grenades and mastery level 1 for some Divination action.  This would make for a much more resilient warlord over the Company Command Squad.

Sadly only the Inquisitor from the Ordo Malleus has access to any kind of 2+ armour save in the form of Terminator Armour and there is no access to a storm shield so the best you can get is a 5++ save and I generally don’t find this enough if you plan to go toe to toe with a Greater Daemon or an Eldar Avatar.

There are some nice combo’s you can put together using the various henchmen but most are close combat based and I generally shy away from close combat in 6th edition, all of these combinations require a Land Raider to deliver them into battle  in order to have any chance but I really can’t see me ever fielding one in 6th edition.

In light of the lack of Invulnerable saves I have instead decided to field a very cost effective Ordo Xenos Inquisitor with a 4+ save, three Servo Skulls and mastery level 1 taking powers from the Divination chart.  I will being using the Servo Skulls to help defend against scouting Space Marine bikes and infiltrators while helping make my own artillery become more accurate, access to the Divination powers will let me cast Prescience on my Manticore.

To sum up, do I think this codex was worth £15?, do I think it has helped me increase the resilience and effectiveness of my Imperial Guard army?....yes.  I would give this codex a score of 3/5 because despite not quite delivering as much as I had hoped for it has given me some good options and has left me thinking about what we might see released further down the line, I personally hope we see a codex Officio Assassinorum in the not too distant future.


  1. Yup,its given me a few conversion ideas, but the lack of an invul save really bummed me out :(
    ..Oh, and INQ Stormtroopers would have been nice!

  2. In the end I added Coteaz and a bare bone Inquisitor with 3 Servo Skulls to my Guard/Eldar army, I managed to get a metal model for Coteaz off eBay so thats cool, I hate finecast :)