Sunday, 20 October 2013

Workbench Progress - Grey Hunters

Hey there everyone, I hope the weather is better wherever you are as its been chucking it down here for a few days now.  With all this rain I have had plenty time to finish a 5th Drop Pod and my 1st pack of Grey Hunters, these guys took me a while as I wanted to make sure I got the method down so I can get the other three packs finished in half the time.

I kept the armour nice and clean like the rest of the army and used base paints and washes on the details, I have not really gone to town on the highlights other than on the Plasma Gun coils as I am more interested in getting the whole army finished rather than getting bogged down with fine details.

I took this army out for a spin Vs some Eldar on Friday which ended in a solid win for me and I have another game next week at a local club Vs the new Space Marines so I had better get my game face on.


Wolf Priest - Runic Armour

Wolfguard x5 - Combi Plasma x5, Drop Pod
Wolfguard x5 - Combi Melta x5, Drop Pod
Dreadnought - Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod

Grey Hunters x10 - Plasma Gun x2, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x10 - Plasma Gun x2, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x10 - Meltagun x2, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters x10 - Meltagun x2, Drop Pod

Long Fangs x5 - Meltagun, Missile Launcher x4, Drop Pod

This lot will be fielded at both local and national tournaments in 2014, I want to try and get to Battlefield Birmingham as I heard a lot of good things about that tournament last week on the 40K Global podcast

I guess I will start a second pack of Grey Hunters this week and try to have them finished by this time next month.

Check back soon for more updates.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Book Review - The Unremembered Empire

Hey everyone, I am now back from my holidays and ready to get back into the swing of things, sadly I have not done any real painting as I have been overseas but I did do plenty of reading so today I will talk a little about the newest instalment of the Horus Heresy The Unremembered Empire by Dan Abnett.

I saw this book at Games Day in hardback and was so tempted to pick it up but I read more or less exclusively on my Kindle now so I resisted and instead ordered it in digital format from Black Library.  My first impression of any book comes with the cover art and this book did not disappoint, the artist Neil Roberts has done an amazing job of depicting the Primarchs Roboute and Sanguinius as they address an enormous crowd of onlookers.  Roberts work within the Horus Heresy series never fails to capture perfectly the visceral nature of the grim dark far future and I would be hard pressed to choose just one image as a favourite but here is my a hotly contested top three.

Flight Of The Eisenstein

                             Shadows Of Treachery                         


I don’t want to give too much away about the story but the general gist is that Roboute Guillimen is mustering the surviving legions still loyal to the Emperor on Macragge in an attempt to preserve the Imperium and move against Horus and his allies.  This must be the first time during the Heresy series that so many loyalist Primarchs have come together in one place, they have each spent so much time fighting for their lives and those of their legions while never knowing the full extent of Horus’s betrayal or the fate of their brothers.   If like me you were starting to worry that so many threads had been left unfinished and so many questions left unanswered then this book will provide you with some much overdue closure while at the same time opening up so many possibilities.  There is a small blurb at the rear of this book where Dan Abnett explains all the hard work and research that went into this book to enable him to draw so many previous treads together and create a sort of a narrative hub from which the story of the loyalists can move forward.  Dan describes this book as being a sequel to the following novels and short stories, Fear To Tread, Betrayer, Vulken Lives, The Lion, Rules Of Engagement, Savage Weapons, Prince Of Crows, The Iron Within, The Crimson Fist and the Mark Of Calth. 

Now I could talk about Roboute Guillimen and my new found understanding of him all day but I would be laying out too many spoilers so I will just say that if you like me thought he had a stick up his ass then you might find your opinions have changed after reading this.

I went into this book having only just finished Vulken Lives and was hooked from the very start, the pace was good and the revelations rolled in thick and fast and within three days I was finished and hungry for more.  Abnett has done it again “mind blown” I am giving The Unremembered Empire top marks and if you are a fan of the Horus Heresy or even if you are not it is a must read.  As someone who had begun to tire of the loyalist legions getting kicked from pillar to post by the traitors it was good to have them finally start getting their act together.  The Unremembered Empire has performed some much needed house cleaning and has reinvigorated the series in my eyes and I am now more excited than ever to see what comes next.

I am now taking a short break from the Heresy series to read Graham McNeils Lords Of Mars the sequel to Priests Of Mars, I am really enjoying this mini series and Lords Of Mars picks up the story right where I left off and after the first chapter I find myself reacquainted with all the characters and right back in the thick of it.

I will be back to my usual hobby progress this week so you can expect some updates very soon as I have a few things that are really close to completion, here is my Kanban board as it stands.

Until next time 40K fans....