Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Update

Hey everyone, just a quick update on the progress of my Space wolves army, I have now finished my HQ and Elite units so I am moving on to the Troops now.

I finished my Wolf Guard power armored combi weapon pack last Friday so let’s take a look at what I have painted so far.

Wolf Priest

Wolf Guard in power armour.

These guys are equipped with four combi plasma and four combi melta.

Wolf Guard in terminator armour.

I usually field these with five combi melta for tank hunting.


I always rock this guy with the base assault cannon and add a heavy flamer.

I will drop an update soon with my progress on my 1st pack of Grey Hunters.


  1. awesome army boss, and even better when your right next to them

  2. Cheers mate I am working on a post explaining what colours I used now so check back soon.