Monday, 30 September 2013

NEWS - Games Day UK 2013

Hey everyone, like so many others I spent my Sunday at Games Day UK 2013 so I thought I would share the photos I took and my thoughts regarding the changes GW have made to this annual event.

The last time I attended a Games Days it was back in 2011, and it was a very different beast indeed to what greeted me upon arrival this year.  I was put off by what I saw back in 2011, it was too big and too crowded, this was exacerbated by the number of games tables that were crammed in, it was absolute chaos.  I felt it needed to be smaller as I barely saw anything beyond the crowds and the constant pushing and shoving that was required to get anywhere.  I vowed I would  not go again but this year I was told that it was all changing, it was being scaled down from 8000 to 4000 tickets and it would be a far smaller and more personal affair.  I was also told that the ticket price would be reduced as the Games Day model would not be included and would instead be sold separately, this was good news for me as it was shaping up to be another Fantasy model this year.  More good news was to come in the form of the seminars and the participation events being free of charge along with a retail area that would be much better able to deal with high volumes of customers.  Well to cut a long story short I bought a ticket a reserved a seat of the coach that was to leave from my local store.

 At 6:35AM on Sunday we were on the road heading to Birmingham, my body was having a hard time being out of bed that early so I kept myself busy making a shopping list and updating my facebook status to include the news of  my horrifying realisation that my phone had not fully charged and was showing 43% remaining.....FAIL! 

I switched my phone to flight mode and decided I would conserve the battery for taking as many photos as possible.  The journey was swift and without incident and apart from one of the passengers talking smack almost the entire way we arrived and were in the line to get into the main hall at 9:30AM.  Now I was told we were not getting into the hall until 10:00AM but at what must have been 9:40AM in we went.  I made a B-line for the Forge World sales area and easily made it into the 1st 60 people in line and in no time at all I had  secured Fulgrim, Angron and of cause the model everyone in that line was after Ferus Manus who I later heard sold out in the 1st 30mins.

I emerged from the sales area in a bit of a daze realizing that I was about 30 to an hour ahead of almost everyone else who was still in line, it was at this point that I ran right into a mate of mine who I was not expecting to see there which was a welcome surprise.  Now I had someone to hang out with I made my way to the Black Library stand to get a ticket to the 1:15PM seminar and then we went to look at some of the cool studio displays. 

Found some cool Tau suits in a colour that I would have never considered myself but really seemed to work. 

The Centurions, much maligned they are the Marmite of the modeling world, and while I still don't like their rules the models looked really good in the flesh, something about all the magazine shots makes many of GW's models look terrible.

Wraithblades are so cool up close I am still fighting the urge to include them amongst my Eldar allies.

I have one of these that I will post about soon and this picture will help me decide where to place my highlights for the best effect.

The meat and potatoes of Marine armies always served with a big old helping of Gravy guns, the White Scars. 

This table was amazing and it FW releases even half the crates and power generators that decorate it my wallet will never forgive me.

The drop site massacre table was another mind blowing example of why FW might as well print their own money.


What is the collective noun for Smurf :) 

These models got my juices flowing as I do have a soft spot for all things Mechanicum, just out of shot was a WIP of a Skitarii trooper, I also had a flick through a sketchbook filled with design development sketches.

This shot of Kor Phaeron and Erebus turned out looking wicked.

Mind blown yet again when I happened across a sneaky peek at the Word Bearers Primarch Lorgar Aurelian.

It was soon time to go down to the Golden Daemon and armies on parade gallery where I saw some really cool models.

Being a big fan of Dreadfleet these two entries were a real treat for me.

Once we were out of the gallery we decided to go look at some of the old models that we owned way back in the early days of 40K, this was fun but made us both feel very old indeed. 

Well to sum up I did enjoy myself but would have left at 2:30PM if I had not arrived by coach because I had seen and done everything and was not really interested in the award ceremony which while it was interesting it was only 25mins from start to finish and mostly dominated by diorama heavy entries which don't really do it for me.  I felt the size was good this year and I was able to get round and talk to people and see everything but the food available on site was total crap so I was glad I had packed some snacks of my own so there is some room for improvement there next year.  The sales areas was much better organised than last time and apart from some trouble with the card transactions for a short time everything seemed to run smoothly.  The staff were plentiful and helpful though sometimes they seemed to be offering conflicting information but on a whole I was happy with the service and information I received.  I got the models I wanted but as I now buy all my books on kindle I was unable to purchase any of the Black Library early releases which was a shame but something I expected.

So will I go next year?..............maybe, I guess I will wait and see what the next 12 months bring us on the 40K front.    

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Battle Report - Four Player Zone Mortalis

Hey everyone, this saturday I hosted a day of Zone Mortalis that saw four races pitched against one another in a battle to the death.

I got some really cool pictures so I thought it only fitting that I share them with you my loyal readers :).

Each of the four player would have 1000pts to spend on an army that conformed to the Zone Mortalis encounter mission force org chart as show below.

HQ x2
Elite x2
Troop x3
Fast Attack x2
Heavy Support x1

For mission objectives we decided to go with one central objective worth 3VP and kill points as the primaries and Slay The Warlord and 1st Blood as the secondaries.  Night fighting and infiltrate were in effect as per a normal games but  Line Breaker, seizing the initiative, outflanking and charging on your 1st turn were strictly forbidden as these can cause imbalance in a four player game. 

The races who would be taking part were Orks (me), Craftworld Eldar, Imperial Fist Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines.  Once everyone had their lists and models ready we each took turns placing a tile until all twenty tiles were placed and then we rolled off to see what order we would choose a table edge, deploy and who would have the first turn.  We each set up along a 24" wide stretch of our chosen table edge that was 6" deep as per the Mortalis restrictions.  Zone Mortalis also asks that you roughly split your force into two halves and have one half start on the table while those that remain come on from reserves.

My Orks won the toss and deployed and went first, we then went clockwise round the table with Chaos Marine, Imperial fists and finally Eldar.

Before we get to the pictures here is my army list.

Warboss - Power Claw, Eavy Armour, Shoota, Boss Pole and Cybork Body
Mega Nobs x5 - Combi Skorcha x5
Nobs x10 - Eavy Armour, Painboy, Waaagh! Banner, Power Claw, Big Choppa
Ork Boyz x15 - Nob, Eavy Armour, Big Choppa, Boss Pole and Big Shoota
Ork Boyz x15 - Nob, Eavy Armour, Big Choppa, Boss Pole and Big Shoota
Ork Boyz x15 - Nob, Eavy Armour, Big Choppa, Boss Pole and Big Shoota

My main goals going into this game were to head straight for the table centre killing anything and everything along the way which is very Orky as lets face it Ork shooting ain't up to much so the sooner I closed with the enemy the sooner I could start earning some victory points.  My War Boss rolled the warlord trait Legendary Fighter so he would earn me an additional victory point for each enemy character slain in a challenge so if I played my cards right I could really capitalise on this.

So I started the game with my Warboss attached to the eavy armour Nob squad and close by I deployed the Mega Nobs who were ready to be pushed forward as a shield wall against the enemies guns, I then held three Ork Boyz units in reserves who would upon arrival make a B-line to the table centre to offer support for the dah big boss. 

Orks begin to move out of their DZ with the Mega Nobs taking point.

The Mega Nobs were sent to head off the Eldar on my right flank in an attempt to hold them back and buy the time to allow the War Boss and his unit safe passage to towards the centre objective. 

The War Boss and his unit get into position to begin the dash towards the Imperial Fist lines.

The Ork Boyz start to sneak up my right flank and get clear of the Eldar DZ while the Mega Nobs act as a distraction. 

Orks!, Orks!, Orks!, Orks!, Orks!, Orks!,

Huron Black Heart enabled three Chaos units to infiltrate rather than setting up in their own DZ so they prepared to spring an early assault on the Imperial Fist DZ on their turn one. At this point the it was clear that the Imperial Fists would be fighting for their lives before they even got to have their first turn as the traitors pressed their advantage.

The Imperial Fists deployed a Scouts squad right into the table centre with a view to using their teleport homer to guide in the two Terminators squads and the army Captain, the Fists were going to be waging a war on every front with no hope of escape should things start to go against them.

The Traitor forces spring their trap and start to move on the Imperial Fists in their DZ, this battle would be swift and bloody with the no quarter given by either side.

Craftworld Eldar deployed

The Chaos forces made short work of the Imperial Fists and completely over ran their DZ, from here they are able to consolidate ready for their next assault.

The Eldar began to move towards the table centre but to due having penned them selves into their own DZ  leaving only one route in or out meant going through the Orks first.

The Orks are moving up on mass. 

The Mega Nobs break through the Eldar lines and consolidate after killing a jetbike squad, they would suffer the full wrath of the Eldar in the turn that followed but their job was done, they had bought the War Boss the time he needed.

Here you can see the battle as a whole, the Imperial Fists teleport in just in time as almost immediately the Orks smash into their lines and the meat grinder begins in earnest the Imperial Fists would see bloody battle continuously from this point onwards on all sides.

Eldar prepare to make a move on the table centre.

The Imperial Fists form up fighting back to back to repel the enemy assaults.

The assault Terminators fight a good fight but after their sergeant is slain in a challenge with the Ork War Boss they begin to falter and the Orks roll over them. 

The World Eaters outflank the Orks on my left flank but as they can't assault from reserves I only suffer a few loses from Bolt Pistol fire.

Here you see the Orks moving on the objective after slaying the assault Terminators, my intention at this point was to have the War Boss challenge the Scout Sergeant and claim a VP for slaying him then have the Nobs slaughter the rest of the unit for another VP then form up and prepare to defend the objective.

The green tide run amok WAAAGH!.

Th Imperial Fist Captain and the rest of the Tactical Terminators prepare to recapture the objective, sadly these guys all got shot to bits shortly after the captain slays my War Boss in a challenge.

I don't have a photo of the games end but basically chaos almost claim the centre objective after the the Ork's killed off the last of the the Imperial Fists but roll a 1 for their run and fall short, 7 Orks remained alive and apart from the Avatar all the Eldar in this last picture survived jammed up in a huge bottleneck up to their knees in Ork corpses.

Final Scores

Craftworld Eldar = 4 VP
Chaos Space Marines = 5 VP
Imperial Fits = 5 VP
Orks = 11 VP

So there you have it peeps, close combat is alive and well in 6th edition, the Orks rolled in and cleaned house like only an Ork can :)

This victory is even more surprising when you consider that I was using a 4th edition codex while my opponents all had 6th edition hardbacks, this says alot for the lasting strength of the Ork codex so lets hope the update next year keeps them competitive.

until next time goodbye :)