Monday, 5 August 2013

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves

Hello again everyone,

It’s time for another look at what I have been getting up to over the last week, well in truth all of the following was done last Friday and I thank my airbrush for making it all possible.

So where to start………

OK so a fourth pack of Grey Hunters has now been added to my 1500pts force so while I wait for my new set of 1x2mm magnets to turn up I thought I would drill out all the gun barrels and then all the magnet holes.

My Grey Hunters use quite a few magnets so I can use all the weapon options from the codex, I have one who has a close combat arm that is magnetised at the wrist and the shoulder so I can swap the chain sword for a power sword/axe/mace or the whole arm for a power fist, I then have one who has a magnet on his back pack so I can attach a wolf banner. I have two more who have magnets in their hands so that boltguns can be replaced by special weapons while another has a boltgun hand that is magnetised at the wrist so I can swap it out for a plasma pistol, sure all of this takes a lot of time to setup but it’s worth it.

I then moved to casting all the shoulder pads that I needed, I have a rubber mould that will make 5 Space Wolf Ragnar Company shoulder pads in one go and with the resin I use I can pull them from the mould in just 20mins so within an hour I had all the pads glued on.

I then moved onto the my new Wolfguard in power armour pack which consists of eight models all with magnetised hands so I can use my Crimson Fist combi-plasmas. I had a ton of bear Space wolf heads in my bits box so I decided to get eight different ones out and use them in this pack so they look different to the Grey Hunters who all have their helmets on.

I build these guys last week some time but I had to add the last few details, I insist that all Marines have a holstered pistol and both frag and krak grenades models on them and these guys were no different…….note to self I still need to do this for my new Grey Hunters pack before I undercoat them.

I then sanded the bases and gave them a very rough dusting in Vallejo black primer through the airbrush, they were then ready for a basecoat of fenrisian grey which I thinned using a Vallejo airbrush thinning medium so it would flow and blasted them. Within a few mins I had the full pack base coated and I was then ready to move on to the drop pods.

I had to go and get two more drop pods as I was previously running only five pods and three packs of Long Fangs on foot but recently I have found that Vs Eldar and Dark Eldar I am better off sometimes dropping the Long Fangs and going full drop pods.

I started by clipping all the parts from the frames and then cleaned them all up using a the GW clean-up kit and constructed central console and grav harnesses and the upper engine and weapon mounting as these are better painted before construction. I then got the airbrush and gave all the components an undercoat of Vallejo black primer and once they were dry I split the components into two piles, those bits that were going to be painted as bare metalwork and those that would be sprayed in fenrisian grey. I used Vallejo gun metal to spray all the metal work which is a great time saver as I really don’t like using leadbelcher over large areas as it tends to show the brush strokes once its dry, within an hour I had everything sprayed and ready for a wash in nuln oil. Then came the chapter colours so I again thinned some fenrsian grey and went about spraying the pylons and the doors, again the airbrush made this easy work and left me with a perfectly smooth finish which would have been impossible with a brush. Finally I applied a wash of nuln oil to all the metal components and left them to dry while I cleaned up the contact areas on the pylons ready for construction later down the line.

So I can’t quite believe that I got some much done on Friday but there you go, I ordered a 36” strip of Green Stuff off eBay for like £6.60 so while I wait for that I will tidy up and do the metal work on the drop pod pylons and doors and then paint the storm bolters and the central navigation console details so I can build them both this coming Friday and have then finished very soon afterwards.  I then plan to get the eight Wolfguard finished during the three week that will follow to make sure I remain on track for finishing the whole army by the end of October of this year.

So just before I go I have read that the new Space Marine codex will be released on the 7th of September so I can expect to be dusting off my Crimson Fist marines very soon and getting them back on the table and with Games Days being later that month September is going to be a good month for me.

But for now I will bid you all good day and thanks for reading.

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