Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Workbench Progress - Skyshield Landing Pad

Hey everyone I’m back with last week’s workbench progress,

With my next Space Wolves pack almost finished I decided to take a break and spend an afternoon painting some terrain, I have spent ages getting my City and Mortalis tables finished and while themed tables are cool I do like to throw down my green battle map and get the scatter terrain out and play to the pure book rule for deploying terrain once in a while.

I have a good collection of Games Workshop scatter terrain consisting of hills and craters, along with the Honored Imperium and the crashed Aquila sets that I have gathered over time, but I really felt that I needed a bit more of a mix of terrain types as I really did not own any large line of sight blocking terrain.  I decided to purchase a few Imperial Bastions as these are massive Line of sight blocking fortifications, then I picked up a Skyshield Landing Pad so I can stick a landed flyer on its to act as a terrain feature, I have even wanted to use my Thunderhawk on top of it as a really massive terrain feature if it will support the weight.

After exploring the rules for these terrain sets I opted to get the Skyshield Landing Pad painted up first as I can actually see it being a very good asset for my for flyer centric forces.  The rules grant any unit on the top surface of the pad a 4+ invulnerable save enabling me to fly on and end the movement phase of my flyers on the Landing Pad thus granting them the for mentioned 4+ invulnerable save.

This will help my three Ork DakkaJets get into the fight rather than just getting shot down by interception fire before they even get to shoot, and to be honest I can now think of a whole host of units that I could deploy on it as a shielded fire base like Long Fangs and Guard blobs and even a squadron of Leman Russ the possibilities are endless.

Anyway tactic’s aside it was time to break out the box and get the thing built, I stared by constructing the four sections that make up the actual pad as I knew I wanted to paint this separately from the rest.  I then built the four supporting legs and places them to one side as they too would be painted separate from the other parts, then I clipped all the armored shield wall sections off the frames and cleaned them up.

I started with a black undercoat via the airbrush which I applied to the shield walls the supports and the underside of the pad, I then set about pre-shading the upper side of the pad.  Next came the Vallejo Model Air gun metal paint which I applied to the top of the landing pad making sure that the pre-shading was still visible.  Finally I used a Model Air German Grey sprayed from an above 45 degree angle on the shield wall sections and the supporting legs and with a little help from a hair dryer it was all dry in next to no time.

It was now time to add some details, so I used Balthazar Gold on all the Aquila icons of which there are many including couple of really huge ones on the pads surface.  Then I moved to the landing lights and again these were not in short supply, using the base colour Macragge Blue I painted each of the landing lights and the larger lamps on the supporting legs, once these were all dry I then went back over the metal cage that protects each light with Leadbelcher.  To make the lights look a bit more like they were actually lit I gave them all a glaze in Guilliman Blue and finished them off with a layer of gloss varnish.

Once I was happy everything was dry I gave the landing pad and good few coats of matt varnish to help protect it from getting scratched and completed the rest of the construction.

This model was really easy to work with and using the airbrush meant I could get almost all the painting done quickly, and I only had to break out the traditional paint brushes to do the landing lights and the Aquilia details.

Check back soon for more workbench progress.


  1. Lovely work Simon. The only thing I think it could do with is some weathering or drybrushing as it looks a bit flat. Maybe thats just the photos

  2. Cheers, yeah I plan to get both of the bastions and the punisher turrets done up to match before I weather them in one hit, my OCD demand continuity and for now I am enjoying that clean sharp finish only an airbrush can deliver :)

    Stay tuned for more updates now I have let slip the nature of my next few projects :)