Thursday, 29 August 2013

SALE - Crimson Fists - Item Number: 111162276363

Hey everyone this lot and more is up on ebay right now, just follow this link or search for this lot number

Pedro Kantor
Librarian in Terminator Armour
Dreadnought in Drop Pod
Assault Terminators in Land Raider
Sternguard in Drop Pod (as show here not in the above picture)

Scout Snipers
Tactical Squad in Rhino
Tactical Squad in Rhino
Tactical Squad in Rhino

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Squadron double Heavy Bolters
Storm Talon Gunship
Hyperios Missile Defense Battery

Heavy Support
Stormraven Gunship
Hyperios Tank - (not shown here)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Workbench Progress - Skyshield Landing Pad

Hey everyone I’m back with last week’s workbench progress,

With my next Space Wolves pack almost finished I decided to take a break and spend an afternoon painting some terrain, I have spent ages getting my City and Mortalis tables finished and while themed tables are cool I do like to throw down my green battle map and get the scatter terrain out and play to the pure book rule for deploying terrain once in a while.

I have a good collection of Games Workshop scatter terrain consisting of hills and craters, along with the Honored Imperium and the crashed Aquila sets that I have gathered over time, but I really felt that I needed a bit more of a mix of terrain types as I really did not own any large line of sight blocking terrain.  I decided to purchase a few Imperial Bastions as these are massive Line of sight blocking fortifications, then I picked up a Skyshield Landing Pad so I can stick a landed flyer on its to act as a terrain feature, I have even wanted to use my Thunderhawk on top of it as a really massive terrain feature if it will support the weight.

After exploring the rules for these terrain sets I opted to get the Skyshield Landing Pad painted up first as I can actually see it being a very good asset for my for flyer centric forces.  The rules grant any unit on the top surface of the pad a 4+ invulnerable save enabling me to fly on and end the movement phase of my flyers on the Landing Pad thus granting them the for mentioned 4+ invulnerable save.

This will help my three Ork DakkaJets get into the fight rather than just getting shot down by interception fire before they even get to shoot, and to be honest I can now think of a whole host of units that I could deploy on it as a shielded fire base like Long Fangs and Guard blobs and even a squadron of Leman Russ the possibilities are endless.

Anyway tactic’s aside it was time to break out the box and get the thing built, I stared by constructing the four sections that make up the actual pad as I knew I wanted to paint this separately from the rest.  I then built the four supporting legs and places them to one side as they too would be painted separate from the other parts, then I clipped all the armored shield wall sections off the frames and cleaned them up.

I started with a black undercoat via the airbrush which I applied to the shield walls the supports and the underside of the pad, I then set about pre-shading the upper side of the pad.  Next came the Vallejo Model Air gun metal paint which I applied to the top of the landing pad making sure that the pre-shading was still visible.  Finally I used a Model Air German Grey sprayed from an above 45 degree angle on the shield wall sections and the supporting legs and with a little help from a hair dryer it was all dry in next to no time.

It was now time to add some details, so I used Balthazar Gold on all the Aquila icons of which there are many including couple of really huge ones on the pads surface.  Then I moved to the landing lights and again these were not in short supply, using the base colour Macragge Blue I painted each of the landing lights and the larger lamps on the supporting legs, once these were all dry I then went back over the metal cage that protects each light with Leadbelcher.  To make the lights look a bit more like they were actually lit I gave them all a glaze in Guilliman Blue and finished them off with a layer of gloss varnish.

Once I was happy everything was dry I gave the landing pad and good few coats of matt varnish to help protect it from getting scratched and completed the rest of the construction.

This model was really easy to work with and using the airbrush meant I could get almost all the painting done quickly, and I only had to break out the traditional paint brushes to do the landing lights and the Aquilia details.

Check back soon for more workbench progress.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

NEWS - Codex Space Marines Cover Art

Hey everyone,

Unless you have been living under a rock you will be aware that codex Space Marines is almost with us, as I write this we are have only eleven days until its release.  I think these images have been out for long enough now so I figured I would get them on here for all to see.  I play Crimson Fists so I am very happy with the limited edition cover art depicting my chapter along with the reports of what chapter tactics I will inherit from their founding chapter the Imperial Fists.  I will reserve judgement on everything else I have been reading until I have the codex in hand, but I look forward to getting my Marines back on the table top maybe with the inclusion of an allied chapter like the Black Templar's or Raven Guard.

Any who lets take a look at those covers.

The Ultramarines on the official cover, how original, nice artwork though.

Crimson Fists.

Imperial Fists.

Iron Hands.



White Scars.


Black Templars.

So thats some sweet artwork all round, my personal favorites are the Crimson Fists, Iron Hands and Black Templars.

Not long now until White Dwarf hits the shelves and the cat is well and truly out of the bag.

Check back soon to see my latest workbench progress.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

NEWS - The Space Marines Are Coming

Hey everyone,

During the last few days the internet has become flooded with pictures of forthcoming Space Marine models, though information on rules and points is still not available  the pictures are impressive.  I am now very keen to get my hands on a copy of the new codex and get my Crimson Fist army back in the fight with some new units but for now here is a round up of all the pictures I have been able to find.

Finally some plastic HQ's.

I like the heresy era helmet crest.

This guy looks wicked I like the Grey Knight style skull cap.

Vanguard Vets are looking sweet.

These guys will make great Tac squad sergeants.

 GW are getting much better at doing bear heads.

Combi weapons seem to be included only time will tell how many per box and how much eBaying I will need to do.

 With a hand on the pommel of his sheathed sword this guy looks wicked.

Nice, finally a heavy flamer model.

Grav rifle in the foreground there looks cool.

If looks alone could kill :)

Like a scaled down Dreadnight.

Centurion Dev squad, I am warming to these guys and I'm sure they will look sweet as Crimson Fists.

Not sure about the yellow but these guy will rip through almost anything.

New reloading arms.

Grav rifle included in the tac box along with loads of new armour and poses.

Some cool new dynamic stances and that looks like a new dev squad style missile launcher.

The Hunter, they say it shoots missiles of some kind.

The Stalker I have read that it can target two separate enemy units with those turrets.

Well thats All I have for now.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Praise Be The Omnissiah

Hey me again,

I have been thinking about what my next project will be after I finish my Space Wolves, I really want it to be a long slow burn so I can maybe get some commission painting done to fund it.

I have been feeling the draw of the red planet a little more than usual since the arrival of the Horus Heresy Betrayal campaign book, I  have been a big fan of the Adeptus Mechanicus for a long time now thanks to the Horus Heresy novels and if an official army was already in existence I think I would already have my own machine cult army.

If GW were to ever release a new race I think it should be the Mechanicus as they are the obvious choice as a race that technically falls under the umbrella of the imperium but at the same time also having a dark side in the form of the treacherous Dark Mechanicus.

The Adeptus Mechanicus at least those still loyal to terra technically fall under the umbrella of the Imperium but act more like an allied empire and as such enjoy a certain degree of autonomy.  The technological influence of the Mechanicus is felt throughout the Imperial  sectors via the Forge world’s, entire planetary bodies dedicated to the production of the weapons and armour needed to supply the imperial war machine.    The Adeptus Mechanicus follow a different religion to that of the Imperium in the form of the Cult Mechanicus and worship the machine god known as the Omnissiah.  The Mechanicus strive to cast off the weaknesses of the flesh and achieve personal perfection though constant cybernetic augmentation.  Their thirst for knowledge is such that they will often quest deep into uncharted space hunting for strange arcane technologies.

There is a wealth of information out there on the Mechanicus and this link is particularly good and contains loads of reference material Adeptus Mechanicus.

Unofficial Mechanicus Fan-Dex can be found with a quick google search.

Here are some cool pictures of some of the official units that are out there now.

 Titan Tech Priest from Forge World

 Tech Priest fromt he Imperial Guard range

 Thallax Cohort from Forge World

The Castellax Battle Automata that will soon be released by Forge World.

Magos Dominus again coming soon from Forge world.

These models look sweet as hell roll on Games Day UK.

Here are a few Novels I can personally recomend as being worth reading on the topic of the Mechanicum

Right then I think I have vented enough on this subject for one day, it's time for a nice oil bath as this heat is playing havoc with my servo's so until next time 0100011100000110010100111 :)

Monday, 5 August 2013

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves

Hello again everyone,

It’s time for another look at what I have been getting up to over the last week, well in truth all of the following was done last Friday and I thank my airbrush for making it all possible.

So where to start………

OK so a fourth pack of Grey Hunters has now been added to my 1500pts force so while I wait for my new set of 1x2mm magnets to turn up I thought I would drill out all the gun barrels and then all the magnet holes.

My Grey Hunters use quite a few magnets so I can use all the weapon options from the codex, I have one who has a close combat arm that is magnetised at the wrist and the shoulder so I can swap the chain sword for a power sword/axe/mace or the whole arm for a power fist, I then have one who has a magnet on his back pack so I can attach a wolf banner. I have two more who have magnets in their hands so that boltguns can be replaced by special weapons while another has a boltgun hand that is magnetised at the wrist so I can swap it out for a plasma pistol, sure all of this takes a lot of time to setup but it’s worth it.

I then moved to casting all the shoulder pads that I needed, I have a rubber mould that will make 5 Space Wolf Ragnar Company shoulder pads in one go and with the resin I use I can pull them from the mould in just 20mins so within an hour I had all the pads glued on.

I then moved onto the my new Wolfguard in power armour pack which consists of eight models all with magnetised hands so I can use my Crimson Fist combi-plasmas. I had a ton of bear Space wolf heads in my bits box so I decided to get eight different ones out and use them in this pack so they look different to the Grey Hunters who all have their helmets on.

I build these guys last week some time but I had to add the last few details, I insist that all Marines have a holstered pistol and both frag and krak grenades models on them and these guys were no different…….note to self I still need to do this for my new Grey Hunters pack before I undercoat them.

I then sanded the bases and gave them a very rough dusting in Vallejo black primer through the airbrush, they were then ready for a basecoat of fenrisian grey which I thinned using a Vallejo airbrush thinning medium so it would flow and blasted them. Within a few mins I had the full pack base coated and I was then ready to move on to the drop pods.

I had to go and get two more drop pods as I was previously running only five pods and three packs of Long Fangs on foot but recently I have found that Vs Eldar and Dark Eldar I am better off sometimes dropping the Long Fangs and going full drop pods.

I started by clipping all the parts from the frames and then cleaned them all up using a the GW clean-up kit and constructed central console and grav harnesses and the upper engine and weapon mounting as these are better painted before construction. I then got the airbrush and gave all the components an undercoat of Vallejo black primer and once they were dry I split the components into two piles, those bits that were going to be painted as bare metalwork and those that would be sprayed in fenrisian grey. I used Vallejo gun metal to spray all the metal work which is a great time saver as I really don’t like using leadbelcher over large areas as it tends to show the brush strokes once its dry, within an hour I had everything sprayed and ready for a wash in nuln oil. Then came the chapter colours so I again thinned some fenrsian grey and went about spraying the pylons and the doors, again the airbrush made this easy work and left me with a perfectly smooth finish which would have been impossible with a brush. Finally I applied a wash of nuln oil to all the metal components and left them to dry while I cleaned up the contact areas on the pylons ready for construction later down the line.

So I can’t quite believe that I got some much done on Friday but there you go, I ordered a 36” strip of Green Stuff off eBay for like £6.60 so while I wait for that I will tidy up and do the metal work on the drop pod pylons and doors and then paint the storm bolters and the central navigation console details so I can build them both this coming Friday and have then finished very soon afterwards.  I then plan to get the eight Wolfguard finished during the three week that will follow to make sure I remain on track for finishing the whole army by the end of October of this year.

So just before I go I have read that the new Space Marine codex will be released on the 7th of September so I can expect to be dusting off my Crimson Fist marines very soon and getting them back on the table and with Games Days being later that month September is going to be a good month for me.

But for now I will bid you all good day and thanks for reading.