Friday, 5 July 2013

Workbench Progress - Zone Mortalis

Today was the first of my Fridays away from the office so once I had done some chores I got right down to business getting some hobby time in.

Zone Mortalis Eta Complex

I spent the morning finishing the base colours on my last three Zone Mortalis tiles, I then left them to dry while I popped over to my local Games Workshop for some supplies

Zone Mortalis Zeta, Eta and Epsilon Complex

While in store I got to have a good close look at the new Chaos Khorne Lord Of Skulls, I thought that model looked cool in White Dwarf and online but in the flesh it looks amazing, it's huge and looks very dangerous to boot, I look forward to reading the rules for this thing soon.

Khorne Lord Of Skulls

When I returned home it was time to get by shade/wash mix on all three tiles this took most of the rest of the afternoon but with the weather being so good I figured they will be dry by tomorrow and then I can do the weathering and varnishing.

 Zone Mortalis Zeta Complex

I have now painted twenty Zone Mortalis tiles in total  since this time last year along with six Forgeworld Realm of Battle Cityscape tiles so I have some great looking tables now.  I'm sure Forgeworld will release some more tiles soon enough so I will feel obliged to paint them up but I guess I can knock them out start to finish in a few days each so it ain't so bad.

And now we wait.......

So I am going to write up a bit of a post on a game I played this week, my losing streak is now four games long but more about that soon.

Check back soon for more updates.

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