Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dreadfleet - Swordfish

Hey everyone,

Here in the UK the heat wave continues for another week, I know we all love to complain about the weather and it is currently wreaking havoc in the US and elsewhere but we have had such a terrible few years now it’s nice to be able to paint in some decent natural light for a change even if my paint keeps drying out.

I have braved the heat and gotten some hobby progress done, I spent Friday afternoon finishing the 9th out of my ten Dreadfleet ships the Swordfish, this Dreadfleet project has been going on for two years now and I can’t believe it’s been that long since I last went to games day.

Every so often I will finish a load of 40K projects and to help me recharge my batteries I like to spend some time painting something completely different and the Dreadfleet ships along with all the other bits and bobs have provided me with exactly that. With only the High Elf ship the Seadrake remaining I will soon be the proud owner of a fully painted Dreadfleet set so me and the wife can finally finish the missions from the main rules book and then just wage our own battles over the seascape.

I saved this ship to be one of the final two because It’s one of my favourite’s but at the same time it is mostly black so I hoped it would not take me very long to paint. It did take a little longer than I expected but that was down to the detail on the sails but the rest of the detail went on without any problems and it really came together once the sails were finished.

I used Leadbelcher and Bathasar Gold for all the metal detail and Zandra Dust as a base for all the bone details and the deck was painted in Mournfang Brown. I decided to use Stegadon Scale Green to base the details on the sails which I then went over with a layer of Sotek Green I then used White Scar for the skeletons and Balthasar Gold for the Tridents and the crown.

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