Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Workbench Progress - Wolf Priest

Hello again everyone,

I am back with yet another model fresh off the production line, two in one week who'd have thought it?

I have been running my Drop Pod Wolves with a Rune Priest for quite a while now because for 100pts he is pretty good but I have found myself wanting something that was both as cheap in points but  synergised better with my army.  The Rune Priest was always taken packing Prescience which I am not able to use on a 1st turn drop so I  would always take a few Long Fang Packs and have him sit in the rear buffing their shooting.  Sometime it was proving unnecessary and in some cases a liability to always go Hybrid and include the Long Fangs so I needed a HQ who would offer me some help on the drop in an all drop pod army and the answer was a Wolf Priest.

After rooting round online I found that the only official Wolf Priest model in existence was the 2003 Games Days model so off to eBay I went.  As with any Games Day Model I had to pay through the nose to obtain one but it is a great model and will really help me out with his Oaths of War special rules with all the plasma I like to take.

You really cant complain about a 100pts model that packs as much equipment and rules as the Wolf Priest does.

Power Armour 3+
Wolf Amulet 4++
AP=4 Crozius Arcanum
Oaths of War
Counter Attack

I did manage to get a mint in the box Wolf Priest for under £50 so I quickly set about cleaning it up and making a few changes to bring him in line with my army.

I put aside the Bolt Pistol as I will be using a Combi Plasma,  I had a Fine Cast Combi Plasma left over from a Terminator Librarian and after a quick hand swap to make it a right hander it was ready to magnetise.

I decided to add a standard to the back pack from my bits box then sanded the base and gave him a quick undercoat using the Vallejo Model Air Black Primer.

I then set about adding all the base colours across the entire models ready for the highlights and washes.

Once all the base colours and highlights were complete I went in and added a Nuln Oil wash to all the Leadblecher metal detail and an Agrax Earthshade to just about everything else, this really helped to mute it all down and make it look more in keeping with the rest of my army.

I then added the usual snow terrain base details and once it was all dry I gave the whole model a few layers of satin varish before going back in and adding gloss to the eye and the plasma coil and a few other little details, then I glossed the rim of the base as I always do.

Well apart from being a bit of a Bane look alike its a really great looking model that will stand out like a sore thumb amongst his icy grey/blue battle bros. 

So who will I paint next?......I think the last of my three elite units will have to be next so thats the eight power armored wolfguard all sporting combi plasma and their drop pod, this lot might take me a few weeks or more so I will try and get some WIP pictures up each week until they are done.

Check back soon for more updates.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Workbench Progress - Space Wolves Dreadnought

Hey everyone, I had another productive Friday last week and managed to finish painting my Space wolves Dreadnought which turned out looking pretty cool for an afternoons work.  

In Truth It was already airbrushed in Fenrisian Grey so it was all base colour and detail work.

I used the same colours on the claws as I used on my  Wolf Guard Terminator power swords and gave them a coat of gloss varnish.

I like to paint Dreadnoughts so they look like a huge metal skeleton underneath all their armour plates so all the robotics are painted in Leadbelcher and given a coat of Nuln Oil in stark contrast to the chapter colours.

The airbrush gives such a flawless finish to large flat areas of armour that you just can't get with traditional methods, I would not be without it now.

When I started painting the gold details using Balthasar Gold I thought it was going to look a bit over the top but it turned out looking really cool once I had highlighted it all and then muted it with a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Well I hope you like the pictures as much as I do, It really feels like my Space wolves project is on track now and hot on the heels of this Dreadnought is my Games Day Wolf Priest, I will get some pictures post up ASAP once the varnish is dry so check back in a few days for those.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dreadfleet - Swordfish

Hey everyone,

Here in the UK the heat wave continues for another week, I know we all love to complain about the weather and it is currently wreaking havoc in the US and elsewhere but we have had such a terrible few years now it’s nice to be able to paint in some decent natural light for a change even if my paint keeps drying out.

I have braved the heat and gotten some hobby progress done, I spent Friday afternoon finishing the 9th out of my ten Dreadfleet ships the Swordfish, this Dreadfleet project has been going on for two years now and I can’t believe it’s been that long since I last went to games day.

Every so often I will finish a load of 40K projects and to help me recharge my batteries I like to spend some time painting something completely different and the Dreadfleet ships along with all the other bits and bobs have provided me with exactly that. With only the High Elf ship the Seadrake remaining I will soon be the proud owner of a fully painted Dreadfleet set so me and the wife can finally finish the missions from the main rules book and then just wage our own battles over the seascape.

I saved this ship to be one of the final two because It’s one of my favourite’s but at the same time it is mostly black so I hoped it would not take me very long to paint. It did take a little longer than I expected but that was down to the detail on the sails but the rest of the detail went on without any problems and it really came together once the sails were finished.

I used Leadbelcher and Bathasar Gold for all the metal detail and Zandra Dust as a base for all the bone details and the deck was painted in Mournfang Brown. I decided to use Stegadon Scale Green to base the details on the sails which I then went over with a layer of Sotek Green I then used White Scar for the skeletons and Balthasar Gold for the Tridents and the crown.

Why not take a look at the other ships I have painted

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Workbench Progress - Zone Mortalis a Projects End

Hey everyone, I am just settling down to watch the Tennis so I thought I would drop a quick post with some cool pictures of my finished 5x4' Zone Mortalis table.

With 20 boxes storage can be an issue.

If you have been reading this blog for a while you might remember when the 4x4' board was finally finished and within a week Forgeworld went and dropped four more tiles and  my mates bought them for me for my birthday.

4x4' table

Well finally these new tiles are finished and the board it looking really smart, the new tiles have enabled me to open up the deployments zones so its easier to place models as well as bringing them on.  I always try to make sure there is enough access for larger based models as my gaming group do like their Wraithlords and Dreadnoughts.  

5x4' table

I have set this table up or a four player multi player game I am hosting in September so if you look closely I have tried to use one of the new open tiles on each table edge to enable easy deployment for each player.

Well thats all for now, I'm going back to finish watching the tennis


Friday, 5 July 2013

Workbench Progress - Zone Mortalis

Today was the first of my Fridays away from the office so once I had done some chores I got right down to business getting some hobby time in.

Zone Mortalis Eta Complex

I spent the morning finishing the base colours on my last three Zone Mortalis tiles, I then left them to dry while I popped over to my local Games Workshop for some supplies

Zone Mortalis Zeta, Eta and Epsilon Complex

While in store I got to have a good close look at the new Chaos Khorne Lord Of Skulls, I thought that model looked cool in White Dwarf and online but in the flesh it looks amazing, it's huge and looks very dangerous to boot, I look forward to reading the rules for this thing soon.

Khorne Lord Of Skulls

When I returned home it was time to get by shade/wash mix on all three tiles this took most of the rest of the afternoon but with the weather being so good I figured they will be dry by tomorrow and then I can do the weathering and varnishing.

 Zone Mortalis Zeta Complex

I have now painted twenty Zone Mortalis tiles in total  since this time last year along with six Forgeworld Realm of Battle Cityscape tiles so I have some great looking tables now.  I'm sure Forgeworld will release some more tiles soon enough so I will feel obliged to paint them up but I guess I can knock them out start to finish in a few days each so it ain't so bad.

And now we wait.......

So I am going to write up a bit of a post on a game I played this week, my losing streak is now four games long but more about that soon.

Check back soon for more updates.