Monday, 10 June 2013

Workbench Progress - Wolfguard Terminators

Hey everyone hope you all had a good weekend,

As the title of this post suggests I have been busy finishing the first unit from my new Space Wolves army, they have been built and base coated for a while now but the completion of this first unit signifies that my Space Wolves project is now in full swing.

When I was just finishing off yesterday (Sunday June 9th) the light was fading fast so I had to take the pictures out in the yard on top the cats watchtower so ignore any strange things in the background J.

This unit took me a very long time to build as I wanted to make sure I magnetised as many weapon loadouts as possible, upon opening the box for the first time I was shocked to find that you don’t get the parts needed to make the units default loadout of power weapons so converting these missing weapons would add even more time to the overall build.

I ordered some 1x3mm neodymium magnets for attaching the arms and started planning what weapons I would build, here is a list of what I ended up with.

Left hand – Stormshield x5
Right hand - Thunder Hammer x5

Lelf hand – Combi-Bolter x5 (plasma, melta)
Right hand – Power Sword x5

Right hand – Stormbolters x5

I now had a pure heavy close combat weapon set in the form of the Thunder Hammer and Stormshields and the standard set I use most of the time the Combi-Bolter and Power Sword and then for boarding actions I have the option for the left hand Stormshield and right hand Stormbolter.

The Combi-Bolters are from the FW Tartarus Pattern range so I actually have a full set of 5 of each combi option.  The Bolters needed the hands removing before I then magnetised them using 1x2mm magnets where the pistol grip would have been and then a super thin 0.5x2mm magnet to attach the combi weapon to the Boltgun.

If I thought the Bolters took ages to build then I was in for a similarly drawn out experience when I came time to kit bash the Power Swords.  I started out with five right handed Thunder Hammer arms and five Space Wolf power swords, the cool looking ones with runes cut into them.  I then started carefully removing the Thunder Hammers and then pinned the swords in place before also pinning the lower portion of the hilt.

I think they turned out looking great but I still curse GW for the Wolfguard kit not including the default weapon options, seriously what were they thinking?

So the paint job came next and the plan was always to get an airbrush to help speed things up as this is a very infantry heavy army and base coating 60 models was going to drive me mad.  While I was gathering all my airbrush equipment I did a few test paint jobs and initially I was going to go the way GW suggested that Wolves should be painted.

Basecoat – The Fang
Mid-coat – Russ Grey
Shade – Agrax Earthshade
Mid-coat clean up – Russ Grey
Edge Hightlight – Fenrisian Grey

After a few test models and part of a Drop Pod I decided that I was done with edge highlighting as it takes ages and tbh it does not look that realistic, I instead went with a solid clean basecoat of Fenrisian Grey administered through the airbrush.  Fenrisian Grey gives a wicked icey blue/grey finish which matches most of the colour artwork I have seen of the Wolves, also it is much more grey than blue which I think works better more me.  I already have a Crimson Fist army and I found that The Fang and Russ Grey were just too blue and I really wanted the Wolves to stand apart visually from the Crimson Fists.

Once the basecoat was on I then painted all the small details in purely base colours only adding hightlights on the furs and skins before using Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil to add depth.  Once the washes were dry I then used Fenrisian Grey to tidy up the armour and then it was time to do the bases.

The bases were done using the Citadel Northern Wastes Basing Kit to make sure the Wolves would bring part of Fenris with them wherever they go, then I gave the whole model a good few coats of Purity Seal varnish as these models will get handles a lot and I want the paint job to stay clean and sharp.

So anyway lets take a look at the finished models.

I am very pleased with how these models turned out and I plan to have a playable 1500pts painted ready for a local tournament in October so I have a detailed plan of what needs to be completed each month between now and then.

The next models to hit the workbench will be a Dreadnought followed by a Rune Priest, both of these need to be finished before the end of June, I don't see this being a problem as the Lucius Drop Pod for the Dreadnought is already finished.

Well thats all for now, I hope you all like the Wolves so far? do keep an eye out for my next workbench update and if you have any questions or comments you know what to do :)

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