Sunday, 30 June 2013

Workbench Progress - The Easy Stuff

Hey everyone, I am back from a week of training and thought as the sun is shining I would rustle up some cocktails and sit out in the garden while I bash out a quick blog post.  

I spent last week returning home of an evening mentally drained from having to try and take in so much information all day so when I did finally work up the mental fortitude to get some hobby time in I thought I would stick to the easy stuff.

Finally I broke out the Vallejo Model Air Russian Green and airbrushed my 2nd Colossus and a cadian plasma gunner I did not find this to taxing as my Badger 105 makes these sorts of jobs super easy, I switched to the superfine nozzle for the infantryman as I am meant to be practising my fine brush control.  The following day I managed to get some base colours on the plasma gunner and painted the tracks of the Colossus in Leadbelcher. 

With the Cadian bits done to the highest level I was going to manage this week  I decided to add the base colours to my remaining Zone Mortalis tiles as that involves no higher brain functions.  I had three of the four new Zone Mortalis tiles for my Birthday back in February Epsilon, Eta and Theta and then last month I bought the 4th of these new tiles Zeta.  Theta I finished months ago but those that remained have only been primed in grey and silver so this last week was a perfect time to just do a little paint by numbers and get them close to ready as I do have a large multi player Zone Mortalis game coming up in August.

So it might not have been a totally unproductive week but it has been a quiet one with nothing super exciting to show you all so I figured a nice big picture of a Thunderhawk gunship always gets a few cheap smile so here you go :)

This week will be interesting as its the start of my new reduced working hours so Fridays will be spent painting and blogging until a few personal projects are completed and then who knows what, either way you can expect to see more hobby updates.  I plan to get the third of the Mortalis tiles all base coloured and then on Friday I will do the washes as a batch and then finish painting the Dreadfleet ship the Swordfish so that will make for a cool post the following week.

I do have some plans in the pipeline for doing commissioned work but this is still in the very early stages of planning, but still I would like to hear if this is something people would be interested in?

I have another game planned Vs some Eldar this week so I will try to get some pictures out on Thursday night and a bit of a battle report.

On the news front I see that Apocalypse will be released very soon and from what I have seen of the models a set of these weapon turrets might be a good purchase for usable battlefield objectives in larger games or just to look cool on my Cityscape table.

I don't really get to play Apoc and now I think about it I might have only ever played one or maybe two games of Apoc ever and that's quite sad if I am honest so I think I will be saving my cash for the new Space Marines codex that should drop in September. 

Well for now I will say good bye for now and I hope the weather is as good where you are today.

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