Thursday, 6 June 2013

Whats New?

Hey everyone,

I have not posted for over a week which I can’t quite believe, where has the last few weeks gone? a new Codex release and a week of fine weather and I just forget everything J.

I ran out and bought the new Eldar codex and a set of spell cards as I am still a fan despite having sold off my Eldar army back in 2008.  I play Vs Eldar very often so it made sense to have a copy of the book, well that’s how I justify it to myself.

Overall my 1st impression was that the codex lacked any real WOW! Factor, while being very balanced it does seem like a lot of units stayed the same or got the skills they needed included in their base cost without the need for an Exarch, while the Exarchs seem now to be useful in managing challenges but they are by no means an auto take.

Points wise things seems to have gone down in the case of Jetbikers while everything else either stayed the same give or take a point or two or went up in the case of Fire Dragons, War Walkers and the Avatar.

Things that lept out at me as being good or better are, Farseers, Warlocks, Avatar, Scorpions, Jetbikers, Guardians, Shining Spears, Fire Prism, War Walkers and Wraith Knight.

On the flip side, why can’t the Autarch take Exarch powers and why no elite to troop unlocks? why can the Avatar take exarch powers? And finally why are War Walkers still in Heavy Support and not Fast Attack I don’t think an AV10 walker with scout has any business being a heavy support unit?

So the Iyanden supplement is hot the heels of the Eldar codex this is perfectly timed to maximise the Wraith unit sales, this goes some way to explaining why there has not been any new Jetbikes.  I think we are going to see more Craftworld and other army supplements in the future and we won’t see new Jetbikers until the Saim Hann Craftworld supplement comes out so my cash is staying firmly in my wallet until then.

The word on the street is that Apoc 2.0 will be in the July White Dwarf and the cover image is already doing the rounds, I can’t see me getting too excited about this release unless some interesting non-super heavies come out at the same time.

I am now looking forward to the next codex release with my fingers crossed that it will be Codex Space Marines J.

Well I had better sign off, just wanted to touch base and let peeps know I am still here, check back this weekend as I am one model away from finishing the 1st units from my new Space wolves army and will be posting up pictures.

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