Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Mashup

Good day to you all internet readers, it’s Friday at last so I have had a bit of a mooch around online for some 40K related goodness.

So let’s kick off with the great news that GW are going to start making their digital products available for Android and Kindle platforms as of June 10th, this is great news for me as I don’t have and would never want an apple product as Android rules J.  All the digital products are going to be available from so if like me you switched to eBooks when the Horus Heresy series threatened to breach your existing book shelf capacity then you are ready to hit the ground running otherwise head over and sign up.

Here is something I featured a while back, there was a campaign event coming up at the time that used an old Genestealer cult image from back in the day and this got everyone talking about a possible rules expansion.  Well you can now download Praedis Zeta rules pack that includes rules and points costs for a small number of cult and Deathwatch units for use within the event.

With an Apocalypse reboot on the horizon GW’s release schedule shows no sign of slowing, we have already seen the cover for the July issue of White Dwarf that features what I can only assume is a 40K scale Khorne Lord of Battle super heavy.  I have since found this image showing some kind of Necron megalith that would not look out of place in the final showdown of the movie Independence Day.  These images have been followed by the usual speculation about other releases much as a Paladin Knight for Imperial Guard and the ever popular rumour of a Plastic Thunderhawk Gunship for Marines.  I am already the proud owner of a FW Thunderhawk along with a Shadowsword, Stompa and an Eldar Scorpion so my interest lies in what none Super Heavy units might also follow on the coat tails of these larger releases.

I would like to see an official GW model for the Hydra Flakk and the Colossus for Imperial Guard, I don’t need a Hydra and I already have a FW model but the Colossus is something I am interested in, I know FW do a model in the form of the Bombard but I want a plastic kit.

Not to be out done FW have let slip a few pictures showing some kind of Super Heavy Dread Claw Drop Pod which I think you will agree bears a striking resemblance to a Star Wars Buzz Droid J.

On a final note do check out Natfka’s new site that went live earlier this week and show your support for the community.

Well that’s all I have for now so have a good weekend.

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