Friday, 21 June 2013

Battle Report - Imperial Guard Vs Craftworld Eldar

Hey everyone here is the report on last night’s game between my Cadians and the new Eldar codex so without further ado let’s get into it.

Points – 1500
Table – 6’x4’ Forgeworld Realms of Battle City Scape
Mission – Crusade
Deployment – Hammer And Anvil (football pitch)
Primary Objectives – 3 worth 3VP each
Secondary Objectives – Slay The Warlord, Line Breaker and 1st Blood

Eldar won the dice off and opted to setup 1st, the primary objectives were placed with two in the Eldar DZ and only one in the Cadian DZ, this put me on the back foot and no one had fired a shot yet.

Cadian Army

Aegis Defence Line
Company Command Squad - Nade Launchers x4
Platoon Command Squad - Nade Launchers x4
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Heavy Wepaon Squad - Lascannon x3
Platoon Command Squad - Nade Launchers x4
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Heavy Wepaon Squad - Lascannon x3
Vendetta Gunship - Twin-Linked Lascannon x3
Leman Russ Exterminator - Ex-Autocannon,  H-Stubber, Hull HB, HB Sponsons
Leman Russ Exterminator - Ex-Autocannon,  H-Stubber, Hull HB, HB Sponsons
Colossus - Hull Heavy Flamer

 The Eldar setup at the extreme of their deployment zone.

The Cadians setup on the 12" line then proceed to occupy all of the surrounding buildings while making sure to claim their objective.

The calm before the storm as both sides face off across no mans land.

With night fighting in effect the Eldar don’t cause any damage on their first turn and opt to remain within the relative safely of their deployment zone.

The Cadians rumble their heavy armour forwards with infantry in tow, one of the Leman Russ lights up the Avatar on the Icarus Lascannon with its spot light, then all the heavy weapons in range open up on the Avatar and reduce his wounds to 3.

Hey bob, can you hear that?..... BOOM!

The Eldar turn 2 see’s the tank dual start in earnest the Bright Lances open up and one of my Russ is immobilised and reduced to 2 hull points while the 2nd suffers one glancing hit and is also reduced to 2 hull points.  I think a ten man infantry squad who were moving up behind a Leman Russ catch a direct hit from a Warp Hunter barrage and 7 are killed, thankfully they hold their ground and don’t give up 1st blood.

The Cadian front line.

Dawn is welcomed in by the entire Cadian army opening up with enverything they have, on my left flank an Exterminator Russ hammers a jetbikers squad causing the single remaing biker to fall back off the table giving me 1st blood.  The rest of my shooting is spread out across multiple Grav Tanks knocking a hull points off of most of them but none are destroyed, the Colossus scatters wildly for no effect.

At this point it becomes clear that neither sides infantry will ever meet as we are playing a static range game so I must try and  force a draw or if I am very luck a win through the secondary objectives.  I already have 1st Blood and as my Vendetta is now on the table I am looking at using it to send a unit deep into enemy held terratory to claim line breaker and or contest on turn five.

For a while now the pictures wont bear any relevance to what I am writing about so here is a shot of the Eldar doing whatever it is Eldar do when left to their own devises.

The Eldar and Cadian turns three and four see the continuation and conclusion of the tanks battle, on the Eldar side a Warp Hunter is left immobile and a Wave Serpent has been wrecked and another is left on 1 hull point while on the Cadian side both Leman Russ Exterminators are nothing more than burning wrecks.  The Eldar Walkers advance into the face of the Cadian heavy weapons and despite mauling an infantry squad are quickly blasted off the table.  The Vendetta spends a turn in hover mode long enough to allow an infantry squad on board then in the following turn it moves just within the Eldar DZ while the rest of the infantry try to keep a hold on the objective while being harassed by the Night Spinner.  The Colossus scores its 1st and only direct hit of the game and knocks out a jetbike squad but the Eldar still have three scoring units intact.

The Eldar 5th and as it turns out final turn see’s them consolidate a guardian squad onto the objective within their defence line and a guardian and jetbike squad onto the second objective, then the Avatar with fast shot destroys the Cadian Quad-gun just because he can, the Eldar end their turn with 6VP.

Eldar end of turn 5

The Cadians have the very last turn of the game though they do not know that yet, the infantry move into positions that will enable the objective to be secured if the game continues beyond turn five and the Vendetta makes an all or nothing break for the enemy DZ.  The Vendetta moves 36” and the infantry squad on board use Grav Chute insertion in an attempt to gain line breaker and possibly land close enough to flamer and rapidfire a guardian unit off one of the objectives.  The Dz is quite busy but there is a good chance that I can pull off a drop if I score a hit or the scatter is low……………sadly the scatter is 8” and most of the unit land right on top of an enemy unit and are destroyed “Sad Panda” but I had to try right?

Cadian end of turn 5



Eldar - 6VP
Cadians - 4VP

This was a very close game and had the objectives not caused me to be behind from the start I think it was still anyones game and would likely have come down to the secondary missions breaking a tie.

My opinion of the Eldar is that Mech-Dar are back and stronger than ever, they have some of the best maybe even the best transports in the game and can now play a shooting game Vs the best of us.  They do still suffer from having a very low model count and once the damage starts to roll in they can get into difficulty but with some very fast and effective troop units supported by acurate heavy support units its hard to keep them down.

A Good game

Well check back soon for more news and workbench progress next week.

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