Sunday, 30 June 2013

Workbench Progress - The Easy Stuff

Hey everyone, I am back from a week of training and thought as the sun is shining I would rustle up some cocktails and sit out in the garden while I bash out a quick blog post.  

I spent last week returning home of an evening mentally drained from having to try and take in so much information all day so when I did finally work up the mental fortitude to get some hobby time in I thought I would stick to the easy stuff.

Finally I broke out the Vallejo Model Air Russian Green and airbrushed my 2nd Colossus and a cadian plasma gunner I did not find this to taxing as my Badger 105 makes these sorts of jobs super easy, I switched to the superfine nozzle for the infantryman as I am meant to be practising my fine brush control.  The following day I managed to get some base colours on the plasma gunner and painted the tracks of the Colossus in Leadbelcher. 

With the Cadian bits done to the highest level I was going to manage this week  I decided to add the base colours to my remaining Zone Mortalis tiles as that involves no higher brain functions.  I had three of the four new Zone Mortalis tiles for my Birthday back in February Epsilon, Eta and Theta and then last month I bought the 4th of these new tiles Zeta.  Theta I finished months ago but those that remained have only been primed in grey and silver so this last week was a perfect time to just do a little paint by numbers and get them close to ready as I do have a large multi player Zone Mortalis game coming up in August.

So it might not have been a totally unproductive week but it has been a quiet one with nothing super exciting to show you all so I figured a nice big picture of a Thunderhawk gunship always gets a few cheap smile so here you go :)

This week will be interesting as its the start of my new reduced working hours so Fridays will be spent painting and blogging until a few personal projects are completed and then who knows what, either way you can expect to see more hobby updates.  I plan to get the third of the Mortalis tiles all base coloured and then on Friday I will do the washes as a batch and then finish painting the Dreadfleet ship the Swordfish so that will make for a cool post the following week.

I do have some plans in the pipeline for doing commissioned work but this is still in the very early stages of planning, but still I would like to hear if this is something people would be interested in?

I have another game planned Vs some Eldar this week so I will try to get some pictures out on Thursday night and a bit of a battle report.

On the news front I see that Apocalypse will be released very soon and from what I have seen of the models a set of these weapon turrets might be a good purchase for usable battlefield objectives in larger games or just to look cool on my Cityscape table.

I don't really get to play Apoc and now I think about it I might have only ever played one or maybe two games of Apoc ever and that's quite sad if I am honest so I think I will be saving my cash for the new Space Marines codex that should drop in September. 

Well for now I will say good bye for now and I hope the weather is as good where you are today.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Battle Report - Imperial Guard Vs Craftworld Eldar

Hey everyone here is the report on last night’s game between my Cadians and the new Eldar codex so without further ado let’s get into it.

Points – 1500
Table – 6’x4’ Forgeworld Realms of Battle City Scape
Mission – Crusade
Deployment – Hammer And Anvil (football pitch)
Primary Objectives – 3 worth 3VP each
Secondary Objectives – Slay The Warlord, Line Breaker and 1st Blood

Eldar won the dice off and opted to setup 1st, the primary objectives were placed with two in the Eldar DZ and only one in the Cadian DZ, this put me on the back foot and no one had fired a shot yet.

Cadian Army

Aegis Defence Line
Company Command Squad - Nade Launchers x4
Platoon Command Squad - Nade Launchers x4
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Heavy Wepaon Squad - Lascannon x3
Platoon Command Squad - Nade Launchers x4
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Infantry Squad - Flamer, Autocannon
Heavy Wepaon Squad - Lascannon x3
Vendetta Gunship - Twin-Linked Lascannon x3
Leman Russ Exterminator - Ex-Autocannon,  H-Stubber, Hull HB, HB Sponsons
Leman Russ Exterminator - Ex-Autocannon,  H-Stubber, Hull HB, HB Sponsons
Colossus - Hull Heavy Flamer

 The Eldar setup at the extreme of their deployment zone.

The Cadians setup on the 12" line then proceed to occupy all of the surrounding buildings while making sure to claim their objective.

The calm before the storm as both sides face off across no mans land.

With night fighting in effect the Eldar don’t cause any damage on their first turn and opt to remain within the relative safely of their deployment zone.

The Cadians rumble their heavy armour forwards with infantry in tow, one of the Leman Russ lights up the Avatar on the Icarus Lascannon with its spot light, then all the heavy weapons in range open up on the Avatar and reduce his wounds to 3.

Hey bob, can you hear that?..... BOOM!

The Eldar turn 2 see’s the tank dual start in earnest the Bright Lances open up and one of my Russ is immobilised and reduced to 2 hull points while the 2nd suffers one glancing hit and is also reduced to 2 hull points.  I think a ten man infantry squad who were moving up behind a Leman Russ catch a direct hit from a Warp Hunter barrage and 7 are killed, thankfully they hold their ground and don’t give up 1st blood.

The Cadian front line.

Dawn is welcomed in by the entire Cadian army opening up with enverything they have, on my left flank an Exterminator Russ hammers a jetbikers squad causing the single remaing biker to fall back off the table giving me 1st blood.  The rest of my shooting is spread out across multiple Grav Tanks knocking a hull points off of most of them but none are destroyed, the Colossus scatters wildly for no effect.

At this point it becomes clear that neither sides infantry will ever meet as we are playing a static range game so I must try and  force a draw or if I am very luck a win through the secondary objectives.  I already have 1st Blood and as my Vendetta is now on the table I am looking at using it to send a unit deep into enemy held terratory to claim line breaker and or contest on turn five.

For a while now the pictures wont bear any relevance to what I am writing about so here is a shot of the Eldar doing whatever it is Eldar do when left to their own devises.

The Eldar and Cadian turns three and four see the continuation and conclusion of the tanks battle, on the Eldar side a Warp Hunter is left immobile and a Wave Serpent has been wrecked and another is left on 1 hull point while on the Cadian side both Leman Russ Exterminators are nothing more than burning wrecks.  The Eldar Walkers advance into the face of the Cadian heavy weapons and despite mauling an infantry squad are quickly blasted off the table.  The Vendetta spends a turn in hover mode long enough to allow an infantry squad on board then in the following turn it moves just within the Eldar DZ while the rest of the infantry try to keep a hold on the objective while being harassed by the Night Spinner.  The Colossus scores its 1st and only direct hit of the game and knocks out a jetbike squad but the Eldar still have three scoring units intact.

The Eldar 5th and as it turns out final turn see’s them consolidate a guardian squad onto the objective within their defence line and a guardian and jetbike squad onto the second objective, then the Avatar with fast shot destroys the Cadian Quad-gun just because he can, the Eldar end their turn with 6VP.

Eldar end of turn 5

The Cadians have the very last turn of the game though they do not know that yet, the infantry move into positions that will enable the objective to be secured if the game continues beyond turn five and the Vendetta makes an all or nothing break for the enemy DZ.  The Vendetta moves 36” and the infantry squad on board use Grav Chute insertion in an attempt to gain line breaker and possibly land close enough to flamer and rapidfire a guardian unit off one of the objectives.  The Dz is quite busy but there is a good chance that I can pull off a drop if I score a hit or the scatter is low……………sadly the scatter is 8” and most of the unit land right on top of an enemy unit and are destroyed “Sad Panda” but I had to try right?

Cadian end of turn 5



Eldar - 6VP
Cadians - 4VP

This was a very close game and had the objectives not caused me to be behind from the start I think it was still anyones game and would likely have come down to the secondary missions breaking a tie.

My opinion of the Eldar is that Mech-Dar are back and stronger than ever, they have some of the best maybe even the best transports in the game and can now play a shooting game Vs the best of us.  They do still suffer from having a very low model count and once the damage starts to roll in they can get into difficulty but with some very fast and effective troop units supported by acurate heavy support units its hard to keep them down.

A Good game

Well check back soon for more news and workbench progress next week.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Workbench Progress - Work In Progress

Hey everyone, again it’s been a while since I last posted but I can promise that I will be returning to my Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mashup schedule very soon.

I have been working on a whole bunch of things over the last 10 days but all at once so I have not had anything finishing staggered ahead of anything else, this has left me with a load of work in progress images so I figured I would just get them out today.  I have a game using my Imperial Guard tonight Vs the new Eldar Codex so I will be doing a bit of a battle report tonight/tomorrow and then I hope to get the Friday mashup out with a look at all things new and 40k related that I think are worth you checking out.

Firstly I ordered a few Imperial Guard bits from Forgeworld which I can’t disclose the identity of until tomorrow, what I can say is that the grumpy cat was not included in the order.

I built me an Icarus Pattern Lascannon so I can switch out the Quad-Gun some times.


All lined uop on the spray sticks ready for an undercoat of Chaos Black.


Scout Sergeant rocking a Boltgun and Chain Sword.

These guys turned out looking really cool even after just one coat of wash.


I broke out the airbrush and got my Mortalis Dark Angels force all based up, I used a thinned Caliban Green for the Scouts and anyone in power armour. I undercoated the Deathwing Terminators in Skull White spray with a Seraphim Sepia wash then I left the bikers in black.

Vallejo Model Air Russian Green is great for Cadians.

Sunnys and faces all done and wash applied.

I then moved onto building 6 Imperial Guard Cadian Autocannon bases, I used Vallejo Model Air Russian Green as a basecoat which is an exact match for the new Castellan Green which was wicked I got these guys done in next to no time.  I then added the base colours to the Aquillia, faces and blacked out the boots and gloves and then applied a liberal coat of Athonian Camochade to the green areas and Agrax Eathshade to the Gold Aquillia and the faces.

I still need to add the Leadbelcher battle damage to the armour on the Autocannon, helmets and shoulder pads and some clumps of grass to the bases and they are done.

I am going to try and get an army picture of the Cadians before the game tonight as that should look very cool.

It’s been a mad 10 days and I have been getting a lot of small pop up projects done and working like a machine, next week should see me getting back to the Space Wolves and posting regularly with hobby progress and with Apocalypse 2 coming out soon expect some news.

Check back tomorrow for a battle report and a mashup but for now so long and thanks for reading.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Workbench Progress - Wolfguard Terminators

Hey everyone hope you all had a good weekend,

As the title of this post suggests I have been busy finishing the first unit from my new Space Wolves army, they have been built and base coated for a while now but the completion of this first unit signifies that my Space Wolves project is now in full swing.

When I was just finishing off yesterday (Sunday June 9th) the light was fading fast so I had to take the pictures out in the yard on top the cats watchtower so ignore any strange things in the background J.

This unit took me a very long time to build as I wanted to make sure I magnetised as many weapon loadouts as possible, upon opening the box for the first time I was shocked to find that you don’t get the parts needed to make the units default loadout of power weapons so converting these missing weapons would add even more time to the overall build.

I ordered some 1x3mm neodymium magnets for attaching the arms and started planning what weapons I would build, here is a list of what I ended up with.

Left hand – Stormshield x5
Right hand - Thunder Hammer x5

Lelf hand – Combi-Bolter x5 (plasma, melta)
Right hand – Power Sword x5

Right hand – Stormbolters x5

I now had a pure heavy close combat weapon set in the form of the Thunder Hammer and Stormshields and the standard set I use most of the time the Combi-Bolter and Power Sword and then for boarding actions I have the option for the left hand Stormshield and right hand Stormbolter.

The Combi-Bolters are from the FW Tartarus Pattern range so I actually have a full set of 5 of each combi option.  The Bolters needed the hands removing before I then magnetised them using 1x2mm magnets where the pistol grip would have been and then a super thin 0.5x2mm magnet to attach the combi weapon to the Boltgun.

If I thought the Bolters took ages to build then I was in for a similarly drawn out experience when I came time to kit bash the Power Swords.  I started out with five right handed Thunder Hammer arms and five Space Wolf power swords, the cool looking ones with runes cut into them.  I then started carefully removing the Thunder Hammers and then pinned the swords in place before also pinning the lower portion of the hilt.

I think they turned out looking great but I still curse GW for the Wolfguard kit not including the default weapon options, seriously what were they thinking?

So the paint job came next and the plan was always to get an airbrush to help speed things up as this is a very infantry heavy army and base coating 60 models was going to drive me mad.  While I was gathering all my airbrush equipment I did a few test paint jobs and initially I was going to go the way GW suggested that Wolves should be painted.

Basecoat – The Fang
Mid-coat – Russ Grey
Shade – Agrax Earthshade
Mid-coat clean up – Russ Grey
Edge Hightlight – Fenrisian Grey

After a few test models and part of a Drop Pod I decided that I was done with edge highlighting as it takes ages and tbh it does not look that realistic, I instead went with a solid clean basecoat of Fenrisian Grey administered through the airbrush.  Fenrisian Grey gives a wicked icey blue/grey finish which matches most of the colour artwork I have seen of the Wolves, also it is much more grey than blue which I think works better more me.  I already have a Crimson Fist army and I found that The Fang and Russ Grey were just too blue and I really wanted the Wolves to stand apart visually from the Crimson Fists.

Once the basecoat was on I then painted all the small details in purely base colours only adding hightlights on the furs and skins before using Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil to add depth.  Once the washes were dry I then used Fenrisian Grey to tidy up the armour and then it was time to do the bases.

The bases were done using the Citadel Northern Wastes Basing Kit to make sure the Wolves would bring part of Fenris with them wherever they go, then I gave the whole model a good few coats of Purity Seal varnish as these models will get handles a lot and I want the paint job to stay clean and sharp.

So anyway lets take a look at the finished models.

I am very pleased with how these models turned out and I plan to have a playable 1500pts painted ready for a local tournament in October so I have a detailed plan of what needs to be completed each month between now and then.

The next models to hit the workbench will be a Dreadnought followed by a Rune Priest, both of these need to be finished before the end of June, I don't see this being a problem as the Lucius Drop Pod for the Dreadnought is already finished.

Well thats all for now, I hope you all like the Wolves so far? do keep an eye out for my next workbench update and if you have any questions or comments you know what to do :)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Mashup

Good day to you all internet readers, it’s Friday at last so I have had a bit of a mooch around online for some 40K related goodness.

So let’s kick off with the great news that GW are going to start making their digital products available for Android and Kindle platforms as of June 10th, this is great news for me as I don’t have and would never want an apple product as Android rules J.  All the digital products are going to be available from so if like me you switched to eBooks when the Horus Heresy series threatened to breach your existing book shelf capacity then you are ready to hit the ground running otherwise head over and sign up.

Here is something I featured a while back, there was a campaign event coming up at the time that used an old Genestealer cult image from back in the day and this got everyone talking about a possible rules expansion.  Well you can now download Praedis Zeta rules pack that includes rules and points costs for a small number of cult and Deathwatch units for use within the event.

With an Apocalypse reboot on the horizon GW’s release schedule shows no sign of slowing, we have already seen the cover for the July issue of White Dwarf that features what I can only assume is a 40K scale Khorne Lord of Battle super heavy.  I have since found this image showing some kind of Necron megalith that would not look out of place in the final showdown of the movie Independence Day.  These images have been followed by the usual speculation about other releases much as a Paladin Knight for Imperial Guard and the ever popular rumour of a Plastic Thunderhawk Gunship for Marines.  I am already the proud owner of a FW Thunderhawk along with a Shadowsword, Stompa and an Eldar Scorpion so my interest lies in what none Super Heavy units might also follow on the coat tails of these larger releases.

I would like to see an official GW model for the Hydra Flakk and the Colossus for Imperial Guard, I don’t need a Hydra and I already have a FW model but the Colossus is something I am interested in, I know FW do a model in the form of the Bombard but I want a plastic kit.

Not to be out done FW have let slip a few pictures showing some kind of Super Heavy Dread Claw Drop Pod which I think you will agree bears a striking resemblance to a Star Wars Buzz Droid J.

On a final note do check out Natfka’s new site that went live earlier this week and show your support for the community.

Well that’s all I have for now so have a good weekend.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Whats New?

Hey everyone,

I have not posted for over a week which I can’t quite believe, where has the last few weeks gone? a new Codex release and a week of fine weather and I just forget everything J.

I ran out and bought the new Eldar codex and a set of spell cards as I am still a fan despite having sold off my Eldar army back in 2008.  I play Vs Eldar very often so it made sense to have a copy of the book, well that’s how I justify it to myself.

Overall my 1st impression was that the codex lacked any real WOW! Factor, while being very balanced it does seem like a lot of units stayed the same or got the skills they needed included in their base cost without the need for an Exarch, while the Exarchs seem now to be useful in managing challenges but they are by no means an auto take.

Points wise things seems to have gone down in the case of Jetbikers while everything else either stayed the same give or take a point or two or went up in the case of Fire Dragons, War Walkers and the Avatar.

Things that lept out at me as being good or better are, Farseers, Warlocks, Avatar, Scorpions, Jetbikers, Guardians, Shining Spears, Fire Prism, War Walkers and Wraith Knight.

On the flip side, why can’t the Autarch take Exarch powers and why no elite to troop unlocks? why can the Avatar take exarch powers? And finally why are War Walkers still in Heavy Support and not Fast Attack I don’t think an AV10 walker with scout has any business being a heavy support unit?

So the Iyanden supplement is hot the heels of the Eldar codex this is perfectly timed to maximise the Wraith unit sales, this goes some way to explaining why there has not been any new Jetbikes.  I think we are going to see more Craftworld and other army supplements in the future and we won’t see new Jetbikers until the Saim Hann Craftworld supplement comes out so my cash is staying firmly in my wallet until then.

The word on the street is that Apoc 2.0 will be in the July White Dwarf and the cover image is already doing the rounds, I can’t see me getting too excited about this release unless some interesting non-super heavies come out at the same time.

I am now looking forward to the next codex release with my fingers crossed that it will be Codex Space Marines J.

Well I had better sign off, just wanted to touch base and let peeps know I am still here, check back this weekend as I am one model away from finishing the 1st units from my new Space wolves army and will be posting up pictures.