Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Product Review - Kaiser 4 Transport Bag

Good morning everyone,  before I start I would like to offer my condolences to the family and friends of Christina Campbell who sadly passed away over the weekend, I have only recently become a regular follower of the Deepstrike Radio Podcast but I found her reports from the perspective of a women in this male dominated hobby very enlightening and the strength she has shown in the face of adversity an inspiration.

Why not head over to Deepstrike Radio and have a listen, I have also added a link on the right hand side of my blog.

Now on a rather less sombre note, anyone who has been reading my posts over the last month will know that I am going to a local tournament this coming Saturday and as I am fielding Orks which have preseneted a few logistical issues.

I found that if I was to use my hard shell GW figure cases I would need to take two of the large cases just to fit my 1500pts force and no extras.  The tournament is being held about a 20mins walk from where I live but as I don't drive and the buses don't got that way I always need to make sure I can carry all my stuff so 2 large cases is too much.

I calculated that I have about 21" of  KR and GW sized Battlefoam trays when stacked so I checked out the usual suspects for a transport and storage solution.

Over the years I have gathered quite a large collection of GW hard cases so I am sort of brand locked into foam that will fit inside them so a little research and some trial and error was required before I started moving into 3rd party foam.

When I contacted KR Multicase they informed me that they do stock GW sized foam but their custom foam does not fit into GW figure cases so then I emailed Battlefoam who explained that they also supply GW sized custom foam but their transport bag line is made to measure for their own  Battlefoam tray dimensions which are a little larger and therefore no suitable for GW foam.

Now lets take a look at the dimensions for a standard sized tray for all three companies.

GW - 14.25" x 10.25"
KR Multicase - 15" x 10"
Battlefoam - 15.5" x 12"

As you can see the closest match is the standard KR foam and I can vouch from personal experience that the KR foam does in fact fit in the GW figure cases, sure its a little more snug thanks to that extra .74" but the foam is super soft and will squeeze in without damaging your figures.

Now I had not completely given up with Battlefoam as I needed some custom trays cut for my Trukks and Battle Wagons, they are customised from the GW kits and as a result a little larger.  KR had nothing that was suitable in this instance so I made a few custom trays on the Battlefoam custom tray builder app using the GW foam template and sent them off for approval.  With 24 hours I had been given the green light and the order was placed, there was now a 6 to 8 week lead time but I was not in a rush so it was fine.

This tray will hold three of my custom Trukks, six Warbikers and have a spare space for other bits, I needed two of these.

This tray will hold one standard GW Battle Wagon with its Deff Rolls attached as well and my custom Battle Wagon with two spaces left for Ghazghkull and my FW Warboss on a Warbike, I only needed one of these.

Sure enough six weeks later my order arrived and everything fitted perfectly, the Battlefoam is very stiff and supports the weight of multiple trays when stacked which is great as I dont want my Vehicles getting damaged.

So the final loadout was as follows

x2 KR Multcase M4T trays holding 50 Troops each 1" depth
x2 of my custom Trukk trays at 3.5" depth
x1 of my custom battle wagon trays 3.4" depth

I then needed something to hold a Dakkajet and as KR don't do any specific Ork flyer trays yet and Battlefoam would take too long to arrive so I used a Stormraven custom tray that I already had from KR which is about 4" in depth.

Now it was time to get a bag measured up, after a bit of a search on the KR site I decided on the Kaiser 4 as the best option which can hold a whopping 21" of stacked foam without any problems.  I was not planning to order any of the card cases at this time as my budget would not stretch this month so I ordered the bag on its own and empty for £49.00 including postage.

Delivery was swift taking only a few days and thankfully my wife was home to sign for it.


My first impressions of this bag were good, it was clearly big enough and had a lot of external pockets and pouches that would carry all my books and dice and templates and the like.  It has good strong walls and supports its shape whether empty as show above or full show below.

Now as I have not ordered any card cases yet I did need to pad things out a little but not much and as I don't need to travel far I don't need to worry about someone sticking a suitcase on top of it and squashing my figs, if I was traveling on a train for example I would want the card cases to add more protection and increased loadbearing capability.  The foam I have fits nice a snug and there is no movement when I walk with it so for now it is perfect.  

Here is an example of what it will carry and I still have pockets unused, the pocket on the inside of the door panel is so large my big red tray was able to fit without stopping the panel from zipping up so that was really cool :)

I am going to order some card cases now I am sure the bag is suitable but for now my Orks shall go to the ball.  I will give this bag a solid 4.5 out of 5 and that’s purely because I think everyone needs room for improvement and if I had to make one change it would be adding ruck sack traps to the rear as well as the satchel strap and handle already included.

Well thats all for today, I have finihed my Battle Wagon ready of the tournament so I will get some picture of that up maybe tomorrow.


  1. Hey there, thanks for the review! How did you find the Dakkajet in the Stormraven tray? Did it fit okay? If you still have them, it would be great to see a picture of them. Pictures of models in KR are so hard to find!

    1. Hey there, it did fit ok in the Stormraven tray but in the end I got a pull and pluck tray for the Dakkajet. I sold the Orks last year so I can't take any pictures. I now own a KR backpack 4 which I guess I should review soon.