Monday, 13 May 2013

Eldar Rumours - Fleshbane Vs Salvo

So today a few interesting bits of Eldar news landed on a few sites that revealed that Eldar Shuriken class weapons may be getting new special rules as well as profiles, here are the contenders.

OPTION A: The Bane of Flesh

Shuriken Pistol 12" S:4 AP5 Pistol, Fleshbane
Shuriken Catapult 18" S:4 AP5 Assault 2, Fleshbane
Dire Avenger Shuriken Catapult 24" S:4 AP:5 Assault 2, Fleshbane
Shuriken Cannon 24" S:6 AP:5 Assault 3, Fleshbane
Shuriken Shreiker Cannon 24" S:6 AP:5 Assault 3, Fleshbane, Poison(4+), Pinning

OPTION B: The Rain of Shuriken

Shuriken Pistol 12" S:4 AP5 Pistol
Shuriken Catapult 18" S:4 AP5 Salvo2/4
Dire Avenger Shuriken Catapult 24" S:4 AP:5 Salvo 2/4
Shuriken Cannon 24" S:6 AP:5 Salvo 3/6
Shuriken Shreiker Cannon 24" S:6 AP:5 Salvo 3/6, Poison(4+), Pinning

I was thinking rending might be a good option but then I was not sure it would come up often enough to compare to the power of poison, I did also think about the shred special rule but decided that was even more broken than Flashbane which basically blows poison out of the water.

Fleshbane is waaaaaaaay too powerful just imagine the damage a unit of 10 assault 2 catapults would cause to anyone, even terminators would be forced to make so many saves that they would fold soon enough, then there is the issue of MC's, no one wants to see their Carnifex being wounded on a 2+ and having to take 10 armour saves from a standard infantry rifle and dropping dead.

At first I had my doubts but now I think about it salvo will work really well for infantry, rapid fire will still stand out as being different as you can move and shoot out to max range, salvo is turning up all over the place now, Chaos have it on the Noise Marines and Helldrake while the Dark Angels have 2/4 salvo Boltguns due to the Banner Of Devastation.

Being assault worked well for Shurken Catapults back during the tail end of 4th Edition with the introduction of the current codex in 2006 as it was a way of keeping the Eldar moving while shooting so they could then coupled with the old fleet mechanic launch an assault and then consolidate from combat to combat thus avoiding much of the enemy fire.

Then in 5th rapid fire was a move or shoot affair most of the time, with a ten man Tactical Squad opting to move and shoot at 12" or assault rather than resorting to shooting at full range and sacrificing movement so even an assault weapon with a 12 or 18" range gave you options over many units.
Now in 6th Edition a regular Guardian or an Avenger unit have no business getting into assaults and an army wide move away from units like this having to throw themselves under a bus just because their gun lets them can only be a good thing.

Sure Guardians and Avengers will need to be used differently than they are now that is if anyone even uses them at all these days, they will likely travel in Wave Serpents before disembarking to weigh in helping clear enemy off objectives before taking up position and using the increased firepower provided by Salvo to defend it, in fact Salvo 2/4 would be wicked in overwatch OUCH!

Jetbikes and vehicles are relentless so twin-linked shuriken catapults and Cannons moving and shooting with the 2nd profile would be sweet, I can see Jetbikes backed up by a heavy support firebase being the go-to unit for shooting enemy off objectives early then holding them while the Guardians move up, no longer will Jetbikes cower in the shadows hoping for a cheap last turn objective grab.

You will see the humble vyper for example maybe getting a slightly reduced base cost and coming stock with a Shuriken Cannon that shoots 6 shots out to 24" then for a small points cost you add a 2nd cannon and now you have a unit that comes in at under 50pts and shoots 12 shots, then take a squadron of three and OMG thats a lot of dakka then team that up with a Jetbike squadron and you have a powerful combo.

To Sum Up

Giving standard Eldar infantry a weapon with a mechanic that helps define their role while complementing their new intended use within 6th is a great idea, then offer them tactical synergy with other units that are dedicated to roles such as assault, supporting fire and anti armour and you have a working concept.

Then all we need is a dedicated assault unit delivery system.............craftworld Venom maybe :)

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  1. my thoughts exactly. Eldar are supposed to be very specialized in what each units role is and salvo on shuriken would certainly accomplish that.