Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Workbench Progress - Speed Painted Crimson Fist Scouts

Hey everyone, I guess many of you will have the new Tau codex in hand this weekend so that's got to put a smile on some faces right? I see GW have already started to run out of Tau models for release day so you Fish-boy fans must be spending big and who can blame you, one word RIPTIDE!

I have spent the last two evenings speed painting a 5 man squad of Crimson Fist sniper scouts for a local tournament that I am attending next month, they are a bit rough and you can see I rushed them but on the tabletop they will look cool enough.  I really don't like scouts as a general rule but this is a tournament and that means what I usually like is not really my 1st concern.  I need a cheap "deckchair unit" to hang out in my Aegis line and man the the Quad-Gun and score a home objective where possible,  I have given them a missile launcher for some punch and camo cloaks for the +1 cover save.

Not to bad for a few evenings work.

They should look respectable on the table.

I tried to use mainly base colours and shades to speed things up.

Like my Crimson Fist Marines I went for armour damage rather than edge highlighting which also saves a ton of time while still looking cool.

Next I have to finish the Dwarf ship from Dreadfleet and the last details on my Space Wolves Lucius Pattern Drop Pod so I will post them once they roll off the production line.

Later everyone.

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