Monday, 1 April 2013

Workbench Progress - Ork Dakkajet

Hey everyone I trust you all had a good Easter.

I have been painting up a few weapon options that I want to use at a local tournament in a month or so in the form of a Typhoon Missile Launcher to replace the Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters on my Stormraven and a set of Skyhammer Missile Launchers for my Storm Talon then I finished a fourth Hyperios Missile Defence Platform,  I also placed a Battlefoam order for my Ork Speed Freak army and off the back of that I went and finished the first of my three Dakkajets.  I bought these things the day of their release and had them built and red within a week but they have not been taken any further until now, I have marked this first jet as the Squadron Leader with some cool freehand squig shark teeth like on the cover of the Deff Squadron Graphic novel.

I have been a fan of the Deff Squadron for years now and jumped at the chance to represent them on the table top, they will offer great Dakka support for my Trukks and Battle Wagons as they race towards the enemy.

My first Ork Fly-Boy reporting for duty.

I managed to get the canopy on without getting superglue all over it.

 I used a lot of Mephiston Red getting all three base coloured and to be honest the only other colours I used were Leadbelcher, Khorne Red and Balthasar Gold with along with the usual shades Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil.

I added as much battle damaged as I could with chipped paint work, bullet dings and exhaust stains.

I am going to try and get the other two jets and a 2nd Battle Wagon finished ASAP as I have not used my Orks in 6th Edition yet and I want it all finished in time for a new codex :)


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